Could 3D Printing Save The Automotive Industry?

HP’s metal 3D printing work with Volkswagen portends a 3D printed future for automakers seeking to catch up in the race to produce electric vehicles.


3D Printing Innovating Smart Home Technology

Charles Goulding and Greer Veon review several consumer product companies who successfully used 3D printing technology to aid the development of their products.


The Busy Hidden Uses Of 3D Printing

Are there hidden use cases for 3D printing that are incredibly powerful? We’ve found some before, now here’s another one.

$3D printed aircraft parts

3D Printing Final Aircraft Parts

Marshall Aerospace and Defense has revealed its use of 3D printing for prototype and final flight parts.


Essentium’s Survey Results

3D printer manufacturer Essentium just released the results of their recent survey on production 3D printing usage.


Setback For CRP Group?

We received a press release from CRP group describing a catastrophe for one of their partners.

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