The Cheap Filament Option

The Cheap Filament Option

Many Fabbaloo readers consume a lot of 3D printer materials, and that can be expensive. But there are ways to reduce costs.


Customized Products Face Consumer Challenges

Dassault Systèmes has undertaken a survey to understand consumer attitudes to custom-made products and this could affect the future growth of 3D printing.


How to Price a 3D Printer Purchase

3D printer purchasing is easy: just look up the sale price and see if you have budget for it. Right? Yes? 


Industrial 3D Printer Guide Launched

You might be familiar with our 3D printing Buying Guides. We’ve added a new one to the family: Industrial 3D Printers. 

Advice on Buying a 3D Printer

A discussion thread at C4DCafe.com discusses the question, “what should you consider when buying a 3D printer?” The answer, not surprisingly, turns out to be

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