Are 3D Printers Too Dark?

Are 3D Printers Too Dark?

Lighting has always been a consistent issue with 3D printers, and it doesn’t seem to be improving.

Minifactory’s Unusual 3D Print Benchmark Campaign

miniFactory’s Unusual 3D Print Benchmark Campaign

Benchmarking samples are often produced to ensure a 3D printed part delivers the required engineering performance. However, miniFactory has introduced a new twist on the process.

Eight Ways 3D Printing Can Help Manufacturing

Eight Ways 3D Printing Can Help Manufacturing

With the recent spotlight on 3D printing as a result of the pandemic’s bump on supply chains, I listed some ways the technology can help manufacturers.


Discovering Future AI Features For 3D Printing

I’m reading the lengthy PhD thesis from Ivanna Baturynska, who has extensively investigated the possibility of using advanced AI techniques to optimize 3D print jobs.


Value-Added Inspection

Measurement is often seen as non-value-added work. However, if we properly account for the expected costs involved in passing defects on to customers, then the increased value of the product can be clearly shown.


TRACE: Traceability In 3D Printing

As 3D printing continues to industrialize, quality management and traceability are increasingly in focus — and that’s just what TRACE software offers.


Admatec Adds Vision-Based Process Monitoring System

Admatec’s new vision-based process monitoring system for their ceramic and metal 3D printers could dramatically increase the quality of industrial additive manufacturing.

$DiManEx Spare Parts

DiManEx Provides On-Demand 3D Printed Spare Parts

Do you know what Digital Inventory is? Companies like DiManEx can provide a virtual warehouse of spare parts produced on demand without need for physical storage.

$3D printing during an earthquake

3D Printing As Seismometer?

What happens to a 3D printer during an active earthquake? One 3D print operator found out the hard way.


An Update From Additive Industries

Last week we heard from Additive Industries, who continue to prove they know how to 3D print in metal.


Crazy 3D Idea of the Week: 3D Quality Control System

I’m reading a piece describing a 3D tracking system that’s being used for assisting delicate medical procedures and had an idea of how to apply something similar to 3D printing. 


Zip Up That Filament!

In a world with increasingly powerful desktop 3D printers, your filament probably deserves a lot more attention. 


It’s Time For Filament Standardization

Some 3D printer manufacturers have moved to proprietary filament cartridges, but many 3D printers are still capable of using generic plastic filament.    Why go

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