Printing Isotopes!

3D Printing Isotopes!

Argonne scientists have developed an innovative method to more accurately, cost-efficiently, and reliably recycle an important medical isotope using 3D printing.

6k additive

6K Additive Makes Some Big Moves

6K Additive has commissioned their first units and at the same time has landed a sustainable client.


An Update On RePLAy 3D

RePLAy 3D contacted us to explain more details about the nature of their unusual 3D printer filament recycling service.


Wanted: PDK 3D Printer Filament

Researchers have discovered a new plastic material, PDK, which seems to have unusually strong recycling properties.


3D Printed Metal Scavenger Filters

New research seems to have developed an incredibly effective method of 3D printing speciality filters to extract specific metals from waste material.


3DEVO Expands to North America

3DEVO is opening an office in the USA to market their desktop filament maker, and this is a significant milestone for the company and the 3D printing industry.


A New Recycled Filament Option: RE PET 3D

Is 3D printer filament made from recycled material financially viable? Czech company RE PET 3D hopes to prove so, with their 100% recycled 3D printer filament products.

$Recyclable 3D Printer Resin

Recyclable Thermosets Could Change Resin 3D Printing

Can you reuse thermoset plastics? It turns out there is a way, just discovered by researchers. This could enable future use of recyclable 3D printer resins.

$3d printing innovations

Five Impactful 3D Printing Innovations

Let’s take a look at a few of the most impressive 3D printing innovations of the last five years and see how much the industry has changed since it began.


3D Print Community: Reflow

This month’s community support selection is Reflow, a project to assist third world countries through 3D printing. 


Cellulose Has Been 3D Printed

A report on PhysOrg describes how researchers developed an ingenious method of 3D printing with cellulose. 


Home Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling, while seemingly a good idea, has apparently had a difficult time. Dave Hakkens, a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven,  has created an inexpensive way to do it yourself. 


Taipei’s Mobile 3D Printer

Fabraft, a Taipei-based design company has combined 3D printing, trash picking and a bicycle to create something very unusual.


3D Printer Filament Recycling is Super Green

In a study recently released by the Michigan Technological University (MTU), Joshua Pierce and his group have found that recycling commonplace plastics into 3D printing filament consumes less energy than traditional recycling.


Recycle Your 3D Prints With Filamaker

Fabbaloo friend Joris Peels has written an extensive interview with Marek Senický, whose new venture, Filamaker, promises to shake up the filament industry.     


Finally: 3D Printer Recycling

We missed this one earlier this year, but it’s still a terrific idea: The Filabot is a “plastic filament maker”. The idea is straightforward, obvious


Carbon Credits Required For 3D Makers?

We’re reading a piece on GearFuse that reviews a short video of folks designing and printing some very cool salt and pepper shakers – but


The Opposite of a 3D Printer?

The opposite of a 3D printer would be a recycling machine. In other words, there should be a way to collect leftover material (or even

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