3D Alliances

AR Support For 3D Printing Companies With New Alliance

Augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing are coming closer together all the time, now including a smart remote field service solution brought to additive manufacturing through a new alliance.


SPEE3D Deployed To Australian Military

SPEE3D is placing their supersonic 3D printer in the Australian military to test its ability to 3D print metal parts in remote locations.

$TAZ 6 In The Military

Is The TAZ 6 Bombproof?

We learned something very interesting about the LulzBot TAZ 6.


Raise3D Getting Into The Cloud

But those days are mostly gone, except for ultra-low priced equipment competing on price – but not convenience of use.


Ultimaker Launches Remote 3D Printing

Ultimaker just launched a new app to complement their new Ultimaker 3D desktop 3D printer, and it includes the ability to do remote 3D printing.


Sharebot’s Sharebox 3D

The folks at Italy-based Sharebot have introduced a new hardware accessory, the Sharebox 3D. 


PrintToPeer’s Voice Control

PrintToPeer has added a very special feature to their 3D print streaming solution: voice control!


Hands on with 3DPrinterOS

We’re looking today at a new software solution to 3D printing: the 3DPrinterOS.



BEEVERYCREATIVE announced a new add-on to their BEETHEFIRST personal 3D printer: BEECONNECT.

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