aurora labs

Using VR In 3D Printing

Aurora Labs has been experimenting with using VR for working with their metal 3D printer. We speculate on how this could work.

3d scanning

Stratasys To Collaborate With Jay Leno

Jay Leno partners with Stratasys to enable a digital inventory and 3D printing approach to maintain his vast collection of vintage automobiles.


The Powerful Delta 3D Printers Of Innovatica

Innovatica displayed a pair of powerful high-temperature delta 3D printers for industry that sport a number of very interesting features such as a vacuum plate system.


Optomec Acquires Huffman

Additive manufacturing mainstay Optomec has acquired Huffman.


More On 3D Printed Repairs

Our earlier post on the feasibility of performing self-repairs with 3D printing generated some feedback.


Some Form 1+ Users Not Happy

The now-unsupported Form 1+ 3D printer still has many fans, but some are quite unhappy.


The Clean Evolution of Netfabb

I took a look at Autodesk’s latest Netfabb offering and reflected on how it’s changed over the years.


Hands on with the Retouch3D

The Retouch3D is an inexpensive finishing tool that’s specifically designed for 3D printing. 


MakePrintable Launches!

Cloud-based 3D model repair service MakePrintable launched version 1.0 today. 


3D Hubs’ Transformation Continues

Community 3D printing network 3D Hubs continues to transform into an industrial-style service with an announcement they’ve acquired a 3D model repair service. 


The New Emendo is 10X Faster

Emendo, a STL file repair utility from Avante Technology, boasts a dramatic processing speed up of ten times over the previous version. 


Supercharge Your STL 3D Models With Cyborg3D

While designers spend considerable time in CAD software tweaking their 3D models, did you know it’s also possible to optimize STL 3D models, too. 


Could Self-Healing Plastic Be 3D Printed?

A curious new plastic can heal itself in water, but could this be used in a 3D printer?  Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania examined


Hands On With MakePrintable

MakePrintable is a new, freemium cloud service for repairing 3D models. We gave it a good test. 


3D Printer SLA Tank Repairs Now Available

One of the annoying problem with resin-based 3D printers is the wear and tear on the resin tank, which must frequently be replaced. That may not be the case anymore. 

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