The Smithsonian’s 3D Printable Library

It turns out the Smithsonian has a relatively large (for museums) library of downloadable 3D models for 3D printing. We’re trying one now.

3d model

Prusa Takes Aim At Thingiverse

Prusa Research seems to be taking aim at capturing the crown of 3D model repositories from Thingiverse with the help of a one-touch import tool.


Hands On With Thingiverse++

A Chrome Extension, Thingiverse++, can supercharge your Thingiverse 3D model browsing and download experience.


What To Do With Thingiverse?

Thingiverse is the largest printable 3D model repository on the planet, but it doesn’t seem to be progressing. We know why.

$finding a 3D model

Question of the Week: Swiss Guard Helmet

Need a theatrical prop? Consider 3D printing it; but you will have to find a 3D model to do so. We present several alternatives for doing so.


Testing 3Dfind.it

Today I am testing a new 3D model search service, 3Dfind.it.


MyMiniFactory Has An App!

MyMiniFactory is well known for their now-huge site providing a wealth of printable 3D models, but now they have an app, too.


Are 3D Printed Costumes Feasible?

A 3D model respository seems to specialize in 3D printed costume items, but is this really feasible?


3DShook’s Unusual 3D Model Discovery Tools

It’s a very tough business these days running a printable 3D model shop, but 3DShook seems to be experimenting with a variety of different shopping methods to overcome the challenges.


Wevolver Is A Different Kind Of Repository

There are countless web-based 3D model repositories, but none are quite like Wevolver, who focus on actually doing practical something with your 3D prints.


Kwambio Launches (Again?)

We received a note from Kwambio who apparently have launched a new 3D model/print service.


Thingiverse Hits The Biggest Milestone

MakerBot’s in-house 3D model repository made history this week by achieving what no other 3D printable model site has done: one million models!


3DKitbash’s Fascinating Test Kits

3DKitbash is a 3D model community dedicated to printable models, but their inventory includes some interesting twists. 


STL Hive’s 3D Models Focus on RC, Robotics

A small startup called STL Hive hopes to become the hub for 3D models for “students, hobbyists and inventors”. But we found a lot of RC and Robotics models. 


Have You Tried Pinshape?

There’s no shortage of online sources for printable 3D content these days, and another good option is Pinshape. 


MyMiniFactory’s Meticulous Method

We recently visited MyMiniFactory headquarters in London where were quite surprised to see the scope of their operations. 


Get More 3D Models at Wamungo

Tired of Thingiverse? Unfulfilled at YouMagine? Perhaps you’d like to try Wamungo, another 3D model repository. 


MyStemKits Launches

Today MyStemKits launched on Kickstarter, with the goal of providing effective 3D prints for educators. 


Stratasys Grabs GrabCAD

In an unexpected corporate move, 3D printing industry giant announced its acquisition of GrabCAD.


A New Way to Search for 3D Models?

We’ve been testing out a new 3D model search service, 3DShap.es, which hopes to search by geometry instead of by text. 


Redpah’s 3D Models

We’re checking out another 3D model repository that’s specifically designed for printable 3D models: Redpah. 


NIH’s 3D Print Exchange

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institutes of Health (NIH) has opened its own public repository of printable 3D models. 


uformit’s Adaptive 3D Print Service

We had a peek at format’s new technology in NYC earlier this year, but now everyone can make use of it as they’ve just launched their new 3D print site. 


3D Model Marketplaces

With the huge number of personal 3D printers being sold, one wonders where 3D models will be found to print on them. 


Bhold’s Boutique 3D Prints

3D printers may permit the creation of almost any object, but what object? The key to success is now good design, such as we found in Bhold’s collection. 


Digital Playspace Goes to 3D Systems

At CES this year we were quite impressed with a gigantic dollhouse filled with 3D prints. Little did we know there was more to the story.


The 3D Prints and Models of Maker6

We’re looking at a new service for 3D printer owners and users, Maker6. The site operates primarily as a source of 3D models, prints and


The 3DAGOGO Model Repository

Another 3D model repository focused on printable 3D models has surfaced: 3DAGOGO.    This service is new and has a very limited set of models


The Bld3r Repository

We bumped into another printable 3D model repository: Bld3r. The site operates as a kind of meta-layer over top of other repositories, but brings it

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