Will 3D Printing Truly Reshape Retail?

Singularity Hub’s Peter Diamandis makes some predictions about how the retail market may be affected by 3D printing in the future. We have some counter-points.


iMakr to Open 40 3D Print Retail Stores?

This could be big news for 3D printing of all types: iMakr intends on opening up 40 new 3D print retail shops across the globe. 


HP Steps into Custom Footwear with 3D Printing, Scanning

After making a splash and swimming around a bit with its Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology, HP is now stepping into the custom footwear race with a new 3D scanning solution dubbed the FitStation. 


Le FabShop Shuts Down

A pioneering French 3D print firm, Le FabShop, has closed its doors forever. 


RepRapPro Closes

A notable supplier of parts and plans for RepRap desktop 3D printers has closed, according to an announcement on RepRapPro’s site. 


3D Printing: The Longest Tail

We’re contemplating the effects of 3D printing on the world and realized that it could provide the longest tail of all. 


When Should You Buy A 3D Printer?

The question of choosing a 3D printer has become very complex given all the options available, and now another factor emerges: When should you purchase one?


M3D’s Micro 3D Goes Retail

M3D’s explosive Kickstarter campaign from last year raised a huge amount of cash for the startup company. Now they’re entering a key transition. 


Should You Purchase a 3D Printer From A Reseller?

There are multiple ways to purchase a 3D printer these days, and often at low cost. One way is to use a reseller, particularly for unusual makes and models. 


A Dark Day at MakerBot

Yesterday things happened at MakerBot. Layoffs. Closings.


The 3D Printing Reseller Advantage

There are many personal 3D printers available today and it can be quite difficult to choose. We found a way to help make a choice.


Amsterdam Gets a 3D Print Retail Store

Like many other leading cities around the world, Amsterdam now has a dedicated 3D print retail operation: Print3DMatter. 


Robox Enters US Market

Personal 3D printer manufacturer CEL Technology has begun selling the Robox 3D printer directly in the United States. 


Fabbaloo Visits iGo3D

iGo3D is a German-based retail chain specializing in 3D printing  gear. We took a close look at their operations. 


3D Printing … On Sale Now at Walmart

Personal 3D printing has come a very long way in the past couple of years, touching the public increasingly frequently.


Zortrax Goes Retail

Poland-based 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has opened a retail store. 


iMakr’s Unique Retail Concept

While in London recently we were able to visit the iMakr store, one of the few dedicated resellers of personal 3D printer gear. 


The Da Vinci 3D Printer is Leading?

Something interesting showed up in 3D Hubs’ monthly trends report: XYZ Printing’s Da Vinci 3D printer is trending.


MakerBot’s New Reseller: Home Depot

MakerBot has agreed with Home Depot to have specially designed “MakerBot kiosks” in a dozen Home Depot outlets in the US. 


be3D Expands into the USA

Czech-based be3Dprinters has established a US office for major push into the American market. 


iMakr Opens NYC 3D Printer Store

UK-based iMakr has opened a retail storefront in the deep south of Manhattan. Now New Yorkers can see a variety of 3D printers in the flesh. 


Pirate3D’s Buccaneer Unboxed

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to receive your first 3D printer? YouTube video producer Eyeisman (Tom Rosato) has captured the experience for you when he opened up his first 3D printer, a Pirate3D Buccaneer. 


Two For One 3D Printer Sale?

Need a 3D printer? How about two? We found a deal where you can get two different 3D printers for one price. 


MakerBot’s Digital Store Opens

As promised in their January announcement, MakerBot made good on their promise to open a digital store for 3D models. 


iMakr 3D Printer Store Takes a Big Step

The iMakr retail store in London was perhaps the very first independent 3D printer store designed specifically for personal 3D printing products. Now they’ve taken a step into a new world. 


The Inconsistent 3D Printers of Staples

Staples is a pretty big chain, supplying office equipment and supplies to a large portion of the planet. They sell 3D printers, too. But not everywhere. 


How Does XYZ Printing Do It?

New entrant XYZ Printing offers personal 3D printers at incredibly low cost, as low as USD$499 per unit. How do they do it? 


ProtoCow Provides 3D Printing Quotes

We’re checking out a new service targeted at 3D print services: Protocow. But perhaps you could use the service, too. 


3D Printing Ad During The Super Bowl?

Everyone knows that purchasing ad space during the Super Bowl is prohibitively expensive. It’s so expensive that no 3D printing company could afford an ad. Or could they? 


MakerBot’s Digital Content

While Thingiverse has been a wonderful source for 3D models for the initial wave of 3D printing, it’s not exactly consumer-friendly. It has a large


Formlabs Now Accepting Bitcoin

Formlabs, makers of the most popular resin-based personal 3D printer, announced they will now accept Bitcoin for purchases at their online store. While there may


Which 3D Designs Are Worth The Money?

While it’s easy (if you know how to search) find free 3D models for printing on Thingiverse, there are several sites offering pay-for 3D models.


Is 3D Hubs’ 3D Printer Report Accurate?

The other day we reported on 3D Hubs most recent statistical analysis, in which they provided a list of what they consider to be the


MakerBot Opens Two New Stores

It’s happened. We reported earlier that MakerBot intended to open not one, but two additional retail outlets to add to the initial store located in


Cubes In Harrods!

3D Systems’ Cubify division has made another notable retail move, this time sealing a deal with Harrods of London to display the Cube personal 3D


Shapeways Teams with Neiman Marcus

Popular 3D print service Shapeways may become even more popular if a new relationship with Neiman Marcus plays out. They’ve teamed with the upscale US


MakerBot’s Retail Expansion

MakerBot opened the first dedicated retail 3D printer store on New York City’s Mulberry street some years ago. While MakerBot continued retail operations by partnering


Hammacher Schlemmer Offers 3D Printers

Another major consumer-oriented online retailer has begun sales of personal 3D printers. Hammacher Schlemmer, one of the world’s oldest mail order operations, is now selling


3D Printing in Tesco?

If you reside in the UK, it’s more than likely you’ve been buying groceries from your neighborhood Tesco. But soon you may be picking you

3D Systems

3D Systems Acquires The Sugar Lab

If you happen to visit the Sugar Lab website today, you’ll notice a small addition: a 3D Systems logo on the top right of the


The 3D Printing Retail Scenario

Not that many years ago the personal 3D printing market was populated entirely by sales from obscure online websites, typically in kit form. At the


A Visit to the iMakr 3D Printer Store

On our recent visit to the UK we happened to drop by the iMakr store, which is one of the very few, perhaps the only, true retail store focused entirely on 3D printing. It’s tagline is “The World’s largest 3D Printing Store”, and we think they could be right.

i.Materialise’s Size Charts

A confusing aspect of using 3D print services is the constraints you’ll find when selecting material for your 3D print. You may wonder why “this”


The Coney Island Scan-A-Rama

If the title of this project, the Coney Island Scan-A-Rama, sounds suspicious, consider that the person behind it is called “The Great Fredini”.    In

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