Cost Efficient Custom Prosthetics

Cost-Efficient Custom Prosthetics

Young entrepreneur Easton LaChappelle built his first robotic arm at the mere age of 14. Now, at the age of 24, he’s the CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow –a company looking to reimagine the prosthetics industry.


RepRap Ltd Developing New Assembly Robot

RepRap Ltd is working on a very interesting idea to produce a kind of universal assembly robot, capable of building arbitrary structures.


What’s Up At MX3D?

We had a chat with Amsterdam-based MX3D, who provide metal 3D printing services for large-scale projects, including bicycles and bridges.


What Every 3D Printing Company Should Be Doing

Trinckle has developed a powerful new system, Paramate, that can automatically generate custom 3D models to vastly simplify the process of producing unique low volume parts for production.

$concrete 3D printer

CyBe’s Construction 3D Printers Are Mobile

Is it possible to 3D print walls and entire buildings with 3D printers? The concrete part can indeed be 3D printed with equipment from companies like CyBe.


Generating 3D Models from Video?

Have you heard of “continuous-time structure from motion”? You may hear a lot more soon. 


Get a Grip. 3D Printing Robot Fingers at ABB

Fused filament fabrication 3D printing processes such as those performed by Ultimaker machines allow for some incredibly functional end-use parts.

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