RIZE Makes A Materials Deal With Sindoh

Two 3D printer companies have made an arrangement for use of materials: certain Sindoh equipment will be able to make use of RIZE materials. 


More On The 3D Printer Hair Incident

We were able to view video footage of the 3D printing hair-caught incident from last week and have determined exactly how it occurred, and how to prevent it from happening again.

3D Systems

Four Far Out Predictions For 3D Printing In 2020

General predictions of the future are easy, mere extensions of existing trends. Here we provide some very specific — and unlikely — predictions for 2020.


Rize All-In On Bio-Friendly 3D Printing

It seems that RIZE is placing a bet on a future 3D printing world with increased emphasis on safety. We found out some details.


New Dangers For 3D Printer Operators

We witnessed yet another dangerous situation encountered by a 3D printer operator and provide some advice on how to avoid the situation.


3D Printer Emissions Are Everywhere

Did you know there are increased levels of 3D printer emissions even at trade shows? We found a measurement to prove this happens.

learning series

3D Print Learning Series: Safety

This is an entry in our 3D Print Learning Series, focusing on 3D print safety, which is far more risky than you might have imagined.

$3D Printer Resin Safety

Treat 3D Printer Resins Very, Very Carefully

Do you think 3D printer resin is safe? It might not be. Consider this story of a 3D printer operator who was severely burned by a caustic photopolymer resin.


UK Teen Killed By 3D Printer

An article in The Telegraph describes a horrifying scenario in which a 17-year old died in a fiery explosion on his 3D printer. 


Would You Trust A 3D Print With Your Life?

As 3D printed goods make their way into everyday life, one has to consider the question, “Would You Trust A 3D Print With Your Life?”


3D Printer Almost Burns Down House

A 3D printer operator was lucky to have been present when his 3D printer went awry and almost burnt his home to the ground. 


An Easy Way to Vapor-Smooth PLA 3D Prints?

For years hobbyists have been smoothing their ABS plastic 3D prints with acetone vapor, but PLA has had no solution. A video shows a potentially useful method using PVC pipe cleaner. 


Finally: A 3D Printer Filter Accessory

We’ve been looking for something like this for a very long time: finally a way to purify emissions from personal 3D printers. 


The Fumeless ZYYX 3D Printer

We haven’t yet seen one in person, but we really like the features of the new ZYYX 3D printer. 


Near Disaster While 3D Printing

What’s the worst thing that could happen to you while 3D printing? You could die. And it almost happened. 


Could 3D Print Recycling Be Dangerous?

Recently several ventures have attempted to produce devices for producing your own 3D printer plastic filament. The idea is that you can purchase plastic pellets


The Ethical Filament Foundation

Do you know where your 3D printer plastic filament came from? Do you know who produced it, and how they did it? Is it possible


The Smells of 3D Printing

Everyone is fascinated by the process of 3D printing. Objects seem to appear (albeit slowly) right out of thin air. Beyond the visual experience, most


A DIY Safety Guide

We’ve been directed to a Safety Guide created by Tatiana Crisan for those building their own personal CNC machine. While a CNC machine is by


It’s Time For Filament Standardization

Some 3D printer manufacturers have moved to proprietary filament cartridges, but many 3D printers are still capable of using generic plastic filament.    Why go


Safety of 3D Printing Questioned

A new report has examined the propensity of personal 3D printers to emit ultrafine particles. “Ultrafine Particle Emissions from Desktop 3D Printers” by Brent Stephens,


A Word On 3D Printed Gun Safety

If you happened to download the 3D printed handgun models before the US government confiscated them, it may be time to remind you of safety


Is Your 3D Printer Filament Toxic?

You own a personal 3D printer that accepts 3rd party filament and you’ve purchased a selection of cool colors from an online shop – but


3D Printing Hot Stuff

We’ve been reading a post from BFB in which they’ve offered another christmas 3D model free for download as part of their Advent Calendar program.


3D Printed Roboworm

New Scientist reports that Engineer Jordan Boyle from the University of Leeds has developed a “Roboworm” that can be used to burrow into small spaces.

Health and Safety of Fabs

The UK government’s Health and Safety Executive has issued a brief report on “Rapid Manufacturing”, in which they predict there could be 100,000 rapid manufacturing

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