Thoughts From The 3D Printing Store

We had a chat with Debra Wilcox of The 3D Printing Store to find out her thoughts on 3D printing sales, operations during the crisis and the future of 3D printing in manufacturing.


3DEVO Expands to North America

3DEVO is opening an office in the USA to market their desktop filament maker, and this is a significant milestone for the company and the 3D printing industry.


More 3D Print Resellers Needed!

3D printer safety cabinet seeks resellers for their products, but it seems there are some barriers in the way.

$high temperature industrial 3D printer

How Are Large 3D Printers Manufactured?

Have you ever wondered how large industrial 3D printers are manufactured? Roboze explains to us how this is actually done for their high-temperature Argo 500.


Blue Friday at MatterHackers: So. Many. Sales.

MatterHackers is bringing Blue Friday back, getting the jump on the holiday sales season with steep discounts in 3D printing and digital fabrication.



Welcome to the All New Fabbaloo! 


The Third Way to Sell 3D Printers

Selling commercial 3D printers is an unusual business, but there seems to now be another way to do so. 


The Amazoning of Airwolf 3D

California-based Airwolf 3D announced a feature reminiscent of Amazon Prime. 


A Lesson on Pricing Artistic 3D Prints

I’m reading a brief post on LinkedIn by noted 3D designer Janne Kyttanen regarding his experience with a 3D printed light design. 


MakerBot Gets A Huge Sales Boost

Stratasys announced a long-awaited cross-selling arrangement between its desktop and industrial lines, setting the stage for a potentially large boost in sales. 

3D Systems

Deals Available From 3D Systems!

As we approach holiday season, many retailers announce big sales on products. It turns out that 3D Systems is no different, announcing a number of deals available for the next several weeks. 


Industrial 3D Printer Guide Launched

You might be familiar with our 3D printing Buying Guides. We’ve added a new one to the family: Industrial 3D Printers. 


Solidoodles On Sale

Personal 3D printer manufacturer Solidoodle has abruptly placed several of their popular models on sale. It may be a good time to pick one up. 


3D Printer Resellers, Or Not?

In the battle for personal 3D printer supremacy, the leading manufacturers seem to have chosen different approaches to sales. MakerBot, 3D Systems, PP3DP, BotMill and



You’ve designed something ultracool for your 3D printer and want to sell it. But how? One way you might consider is getitmade, a site kicking


RapidToday For Sale

We were contacted by fellow 3D print blogger Barnaby Wickham, owner/writer of the popular RapidToday blog. Barnaby says:   I am selling www.rapidtoday.com, the rapid

3D Systems

Trade Up to ProJet?

Commercial 3D Printer manufacturer 3D Systems has a special offer underway: trade in your existing Stratasys, Dimension, Objet, Z-Corp, Envisiontec or older 3D Systems printers


A Little World Idea

We’re checking out the new iPhone app from “Little World Gifts”, which is a rather cool idea. You browse a series of 3D “gifts” via


ProMetal’s Experience

ProMetal is an innovative manufacturing company that uses advanced techniques such as additive manufacturing to get an edge. In a wide-ranging interview and analysis, RapidToday

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