ESUN’s Fast 3D Body Scanner

Need to capture a 3D model of an elusive subject? You might consider the ESUN full body scanner. 


Fuel3D’s Future Scanning Devices

During a discussion with Fuel3D at CES it became clear they’re setting goals far beyond mere 3D face scanning. 


Fuel3D Fueled by Much More Cash

Fuel3D, the 3D scanning startup we first encountered in 2013 at the 3D Printshow in London, has got additional funding. 


The DOOBLICATOR Scanning System

The technology of instantaneous 3D figure scanning became more accessible with the release of the DOOBLICATOR, a 3D scanning booth. 


Something’s Cooking at Rendor

There’s an ominous web page published by Replica Labs, describing something called “Rendor”. It seems to be a 3D scanning app. 


The Zeus 3D Copier?

It’s called “The world’s first ALL-in-One 3D Printer for professional use” and it just might be.


You Can Now 3D Print Personalized Insoles

RSscan and Materialise have teamed up to create RSPrint, a new joint venture that is capable of scanning human feet and 3D printing custom insoles that precisely fit the scanned human.  


A New 3D Scan App?

Details are few, but IHTFP Labs is developing an app that they say will “Revolutionize 3D Scanning”. 


Skanect 1.6 Released

One of the most powerful and accessible 3D scanning tools just got a little better. Skanect has released version 1.6 with some interesting new features. 


Artec’s Handheld 3D Scanners

There are now several inexpensive handheld 3D scanners on the market, but they just aren’t as good as commercial units that have been available for some time. 


Stick Your Head in that Digiteyezer

Person-scanning devices are suddenly sprouting everywhere, but there’s one that might have an edge on the others. 


Fuel 3D’s New Funding

Fuel3D launched in a very successful manner on Kickstarter some months ago, but now they have a new success story.

3D Systems

The Amazing 3DMe Photo Booth

We got a close look at 3D Systems’ new “3DMe Photo Booth” at CES and found a lot more than we bargained for. The system


Matterform’s 3D Scanner in the Flesh

We managed to chat with Adam Brandejs of Matterform at CES, where he and colleagues demonstrated their powerful and inexpensive tabletop 3D scanner.    We


Cirri – A Software 3D Scanner

A new 3D scanning option has appeared, courtesy of a group in Ottawa. The Cirri scanner hopes to provide a “professional 3D scanning solution”.   

3D Systems

3D Systems’ New Scanning Solution

3D Systems announced an inexpensive personal 3D scanner last week, but they also announced a professional 3D scanning solution, too.    The new GeoMagic Capture


The CADScan Cubik 3D Scanner

We spoke with Dr. Alastair Buchanan, the man behind the Cubik full-color tabletop 3D scanner at the London 2013 3D Printshow.    The device is


Cubify’s New Handheld Scanner

Cubify announced the “Sense 3D Scanner” in a surprise announcement. The 3D printer manufacturer has thus far produced only 3D printers, making the Sense a


3D Scanning and Lighting

MakerBot recently issued some tips and instructions on how to best use their new Digitizer 3D scanner, with a focus on lighting. We’ve been fiddling


Capture 3D Images with your iPhone

There’s a fascinating new iOS app that can capture true 3D images: Seene.    The app, available at no charge, requires you to take four


3D Scans Obtained By Drones

A new approach to capturing 3D scans of extremely large objects has been pioneered by senseFly, who produce the eBee drone series. They teamed with


Laser Slicing Technique Scans Microscopic Objects

A new process for scanning microscopic objects has been developed at Penn State. The process involves a nanosecond-pulse laser that slices microscopic objects.    You


Matterform Sales Open

Matterform’s fundraising campaign closed this spring achieving a total of “only” six times their target, but until now that was the only way to order


The Structure Sensor

The folks who developed Skanect, one of the best software solutions for 3D scanning with your Microsoft Kinect, have launched a new scanning venture: the


Captured Dimensions Captures Your Dimensions

A new, sophisticated and highly specialized 3D print service has launched: Captured Dimensions. This 3D print service focuses on producing full-color 3D figurines based on


Expect Superior 3D Depth Cameras in 2014

NetworkWorld reports that Intel is actively developing a “depth sensing camera”, which will be capable of detecting “movement, track emotion, and even monitor reading habits


Radiant Fabrication’s Lionhead and Li

It could be trend: all-in-one 3D printer/scanner devices seem to pop up daily this week. We’re looking at Radiant Fabrication’s Lionhead device, which boasts 3D


Four MakerBot Digitizer Implications

We’re certain most of you have heard of MakerBot’s latest device: The Digitizer. It’s a relatively inexpensive 3D scanner designed for prosumer use. As the


The MakerBot Digitizer: Now Available

As expected, MakerBot released their newest product today: the MakerBot Digitizer. It’s an inexpensive turntable-based 3D scanner directed at consumers and professionals.    MakerBot has


Fuel3D’s Harker Offering

We wrote recently on Fuel3D’s new 3D scanner, just launched on Kickstarter. While the project has been quite successful, gaining more than three times their


MakerBot’s Digitizer Nearing Release

Evidently MakerBot blasted out emails to their mailing list indicating that their new Digitizer personal 3D scanner will be on sale next week.    This

Interview with a Volumental

After the launch of Volumental, a cloud-based 3D scanning service, we had questions. Questions about how the service can and will be used, and where


Fuel3D: An Inexpensive 3D Scanner

There seems to be many developments in 3D scanning recently, including the unexpected announcement of a new, very inexpensive handheld 3D scanner from Fuel3D.   


The Coney Island Scan-A-Rama

If the title of this project, the Coney Island Scan-A-Rama, sounds suspicious, consider that the person behind it is called “The Great Fredini”.    In


Occipital Releases Skanect for OS X

One of the best personal 3D scanning systems just got a little better. Skanect, a software package designed to work with an inexpensive Microsoft Kinect


3D Model Captured With Google Glass

Google Glass is a set of glasses that include processing, networking and sensory elements. It’s an experimental platform upon which developers many now invent new


Skanect Under New Management

Skanect is now part of Occipital, Inc., according to an announcement by Skanect. Skanect produces one of the most powerful systems for capturing casual 3D


Long Range 3D Scanning Demonstrated

3D scanning is a tricky business. Whether you’re using a USD$50,000 unit or a USD$100 Microsoft Kinect, none will meet all possible scanning requirements. You


The Photon 3D Scanner

Tired of designing your own 3D CAD models? Worn out from endless searching 3D repositories for that specific 3D design? If so, why not scan


3D Captured Tattoos

We’re looking at an unusual 3D scanning project on Kickstarter: the “3d tattoo body art scanner” by UK artist Lee Wagstaff. Wagstaff is notable as


The MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

MakerBot announced, but did not release, a personal 3D scanner at SXSW yesterday that could dramatically change how personal 3D printers are used and accepted

3D Systems

3D Systems Teams with Creaform

If you’re considering a portable 3D scanner such as Creaform’s new Go!SCAN, you might want to consider the software you need to use the captured


Point And Shoot 3D Scanning

The folks at Lynx Lab have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the initial units of their “Lynx A Camera”. It’s  designed to


Questions About Skanect

Manctl’s new version of Skanect should permit easy 3D scanning by anyone with a Microsoft Kinect and a computer. However, we wondered about several aspects.


A New Version of Skanect

Readers may recall Skanect, a software tool that uses an inexpensive Microsoft Kinect to produce 3D scans of room-sized areas. Now creator Manctl has released


The iScan 3D App

A new app promises to enable generation of instant 3D models right from your iPhone. iScan3D by Digiteyezer works using a combination of images and


The DAVID Structured Light Scanner

One of the more popular and accessible (read: inexpensive) 3D scanning solutions has been the DAVID Laser Scanner, which has been available for some years.


Don’t Bite the 3D Scanner!

We’re always seeking new ways to create or capture 3D models and now we’d like to tell you about an unusual form of 3D scanner:


ReconstructMe Makes 3D Capture Easy

A new project by PROFACTOR GmbH attempts to vastly simplify 3D scanning. ReconstructMe is software that uses a Microsoft Kinect 3D sensor to capture highly


DAVID Laser Scanner Updated

The inexpensive DAVID Laser Scanner has been updated to version 3.0 with some interesting improvements. This device can be used to capture complete digital 3D


The Spinscan

Thingiverse user tbuser has been working on an open source version of a 3D scanning turntable, complete with cross-platform software. While 3D printer owners are


Trimensional Upgrades, But Not Enough

This January we wrote about an amazing new USD$0.99 iPhone app that apparently was able to produce 3D models simply by taking a few snaps


The Ultimate Scanner?

University of Southampton researchers have a new tool available: a high-energy 3D scanner. The design of this scanner is fascinating: it’s actually five different scanners


Amazing iPhone 3D Scanner

Shapeways has uncovered a really intriguing iOS app: Trimensional. This simple app uses a four-way flash to roughly capture the shape of a face or


Capture That Onion!

Last year artist David Bowen produced a fantastic kinetic artwork entitled “growth modeling device” in which a live onion plant is 3D scanned once every


The MetraSCAN 3D Scanner

Creaform just announced a brand new ultra-high-end handheld 3D scanner, the MetraSCAN. This totally amazing 2Kg device can scan 3D objects up to 10m in


Sophisticated 3D Scanning Advances

Creaform, makers of the Handyscan line of 3D scanning devices recently released new software to drive their highly capable devices that increases their capability. While


Capture Your Body – Or Someone Else’s!

You’ve probably heard of hand-held 3D scanners before, but CreaForm produces units specifically designed for “body capture”. No, they’re not ensnaring people in nets, but


Creaform Gets Certified

Handheld 3D laser scanner manufacturer Creaform has just achieved an interesting milestone: they’ve been certified by the Chinese National Institute of Metrology after extensive testing


Scanning Submarines

When you’re capturing a 3D scan of an object, you are typically limited by the size of the scanner, if the scanner requires you to


3Shape Focuses on Dentistry

The most popular software these days is that designed with the user in mind, where all aspects of the software are focused on delivering the


Laser Scanning Sale!

Laser Design has a special offer on for those requiring a full-scale commercial 3D scanner: 30% discount. This is a substantial amount, given the normal


The Apple Tree and The Apple Picker

We’re amazed at the results of an experimental 3D scan undertaken as part of Creaform’s Annual 3D Scanning Contest: The Apple Tree and The Apple


DAVID-laserscanner … in a Box!

We wrote about the free DAVID scanner software quite a while ago, and while it was inexpensive, it was mostly software and lots of instructions


Creaform UNIversal Laser Scanner

  Creaform have just released a new entry-level version of their 3D hand scanner: the UNIScan. Their well-known hand-held scanner has been around a while,


The LEGO 3D Scanner

  Philippe “Philo”Hurbain is a master LEGO hacker. How do we know? He’s built something truly amazing out of LEGO to solve a 3D problem.



  ZCorp, the makers of that very popular line of 3D Printers, does more than just that – they also make 3D scanners. While the


360-3D Scanner

  At the recent CES in Las Vegas Real-View 3-D unveiled a new 3D scanner. According to a report on Wired’s Gadget Lab, the device


David Scans in 3D for Free!

Well, almost. The David 3D Laserscanner software can do some of the job using  equipment you probably have lying around your shop. You need a

Advances in 3D Imaging

New tech created by researchers from The Johns Hopkins University and Ben-Gurion University in Israel may greatly simplify 3D imaging of real objects. The FINCH


Capture That Design!

Yet another way to obtain a 3D design for your 3D printer: handheld 3D laser scanners! Creaform’s 2.1 pound Handyscan 3D laser scanner can capture


3D Scanner from NextEngine

We’ve discussed the idea of having large libraries of 3D models in the future, so that we can quickly print out any required object. But

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