What’s New in 3D Bioprinting?

Scientific research into using 3D bioprinting to re-create and regenerate human limbs and organs from patient-specific DNA is progressing slowly but surely.


The Smithsonian’s 3D Printable Library

It turns out the Smithsonian has a relatively large (for museums) library of downloadable 3D models for 3D printing. We’re trying one now.


A Photogrammetry Survey For You

A researcher wants to know more about how you use photogrammetry, and you can fill out his survey to help a research project.

3d scanning

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in Healthcare Today

Advanced Manufacturing is the use of innovative technology to improve products or processes. Today, these advancements are especially prominent in the healthcare industry, where we see innovations in prosthetics, dentistry, and medical models. 

$Original 3D Scanner

The State of 3D Scanning 160 Years Ago

Ever wonder when 3D scanning was invented? It seems that a form of 3D scan, called Photosculpture, was developed in the 1800s by a French artist.


The Curious IVI 3D Printer

I’m looking at some details on an upcoming 3D printer that seems too good to believe.


The SOL 3D Scanner

Scan Dimension has released a new tabletop 3D scanner, the SOL.


Generating 3D Models from Video?

Have you heard of “continuous-time structure from motion”? You may hear a lot more soon. 


A Dire Warning for Museums from Brazil

An unbelievable cultural catastrophe occurred in Rio de Janeiro, when the country’s national museum caught fire and destroyed all. 


A Tricky Way To Track 3D Prints

Researchers have developed a very tricky method to embed tracking information into 3D prints. 


The Kinect is Dead; How to 3D Scan Now?

It turns out that Microsoft has now officially ceased production of their popular 3D sensor, the Kinect. What does this mean for 3D printing? 


HP Steps into Custom Footwear with 3D Printing, Scanning

After making a splash and swimming around a bit with its Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology, HP is now stepping into the custom footwear race with a new 3D scanning solution dubbed the FitStation. 


Has Figurine 3D Printing Caught On?

When I started in 3D printing some ten years ago, it was an open question as to what successful application would take on 3D printing aside from prototyping. 


3D Scan the Titanic!

The most famous shipwreck will soon be digitally captured in 3D. 


Idea: Human Drone Scanning

Just a possibly crazy idea, but why couldn’t we perform high resolution scans of humans using drones? 


A Reminder To 3D Scan BEFORE Disassembly

A 3D model of the now-mostly-destroyed Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria suggests action be taken to capture 3D objects before they’re torn down. 


MADE Shows How To Capture Your Feet In 3D

A crowdfunding project has demonstrated a method of producing custom-fit shoes using 3D scanning that could be adapted for 3D printing. 


If You Can Image It, You Can 3D Scan It

The ability to create detailed 3D scans of practically anything is in everyone’s hands and most people don’t realize it. 


Autodesk Memento Now Available for OS X

If you haven’t tried Autodesk Memento for optical 3D processing, you might want to, especially now that it’s available for both Windows and OS X. 


Want To Buy A 3D Printing Business?

It seems almost everyone wants to get in on the explosion of activity happening in the 3D printing universe, but what better way than to purchase an already-operating business? 

3D Systems

Intel and 3D Systems Partner On Laptop 3D Scanning

Intel’s RealSense 3D scanning cameras have transformed the way we look at laptops. From gesture controls to 3D scanning, Intels new camera has added a whole drawer of tools to the digital toolbox we call laptops. 


Can You Be 3D Scanned?

We recently were contacted by a reader interested in 3D scanning  a person. The answers to their questions may be of interest to other readers, too. 


A Profound MeshMixer Update

MeshMixer 2.8 has been released and it fills a very significant gap in the 123D suite of 3D applications. 


The DOOBLICATOR Scanning System

The technology of instantaneous 3D figure scanning became more accessible with the release of the DOOBLICATOR, a 3D scanning booth. 


Pet Printing: It’s Real

No, we’re not talking about 3D printing ACTUAL PETS; no, we mean 3D printed sculptures of your pets. 

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