It Appears CX5 is a Success

CX5, a sculptable 3D printer filament, appears to have surpassed their launch goals and will become a product. 


Sculptable Filament Coming Soon

A new style of 3D printer filament is being developed by Adam Beane Industries that will enable you to post-process your print by sculpting.


Hands on with the Geomagic Touch

We managed to get our hands on a Geomagic Touch Haptic Device and found it provides a surprising experience. 


Nick Ervnick’s Sculptures

Belgian sculptor Nick Ervnick has been working with Materialise to print several of his works for exhibition.    One of his sculptures is featured in


Additive Memories

Laura West is a sculpture artist based in California. You may have heard of her successful work collaborating with the folks at the University of


Design-Worthy Cement Printing

Two years ago we wrote on Contour Crafting’s experiments with building-sized 3D printing, in which they were designing a house-sized 3D printer assembly to extrude


The Parallellipipeda Exhibition

The Singularity Hub reports on an exhibition taking place at the M Museum in Leuven, Belgium, where the Parallellipipeda Project attempts to leverage the Parallelepiped

3D Printing Replaces Sculpting?

We think it will. And so do some of the participants discussing the idea at, the Society of Digital Artists. A recent forum post

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