Design Of The Week: Termite Economies

This week’s selection is the Termite Economies: Phase 2 (Metabolic Shift) by Australian artist Nicholas Mangan.

art filament

Is There Such A Thing As Museum-Quality 3D Printer Filament?

Is there a “correct” or “optimal” set of colors for 3D printing materials for artists? One company has scientifically developed a set of unique and beautiful PLA materials for artistic 3D prints.


A Stone 3D Printing Option

I’m looking at the equipment provided by Concr3de, which can 3D print in stone.


Design of the Week: Vacanti Man

This week’s selection is the horror-inducing Vacanti Man series by artist Rob Elford. 


3D Scanning Sculptures: One More Thing!

You may have read our recent series on how to properly 3D scan museum sculptures. If so, you’ll want to read the final step I forgot to include!


The 3D Nefertiti Hack

A clandestine group has secretly 3D scanned the famous Nefertiti sculpture at the Neues Museum in Berlin – and released the scan publicly! 


Design of the Week: Carl Sagan Bust

This week’s selection is the detailed Carl Sagan bust by Mushogenshin Kyakunohoshi of Houston. 


Capturing Die Viktoria

This is the true story of how a massive 19th century German sculpture made its way into our 3D printers. 


3D Printing Winged Victory

Every once in a while you bump into an incredible 3D print. We did and we wanted to make it,  too. Thus began our Winged Victory Project. 


Fabulous Cosmo 3D Scans Released

Fabbaloo friend Cosmo Wenman, the fellow who produces incredibly detailed 3D models from scanned museum pieces, has released new sculptures. The two new releases are


Cosmo’s Patina Kit

During 3D Printshow 2013 we spent some time with Cosmo Wenman, the fellow who has captured 3D scans of numerous famous sculptures over the past


A Collaborative 3D Printed Sculpture

Calgary-based PrintToPeer is experimenting with what could be the world’s first crowd-printed sculpture. Anyone with access to a 3D printer can participate.    The idea


Free 3D Scans Of Famous Sculptures?

Cosmo Wenman is well-known for his incredibly realistic and large-size 3D prints of ancient sculptures. How does he do it? He visits museums to capture


Digital Man Evolves Through 3D Printing

A fascinating art installation leveraging 3D printing is proposed by artist Bill Westheimer of New Jersey. His work “Ascent” explores the idea of transforming “analog


3D Printed Nudes

There are endless applications for 3D printing technology. One can create replacement appliance parts, build a machine, equip a UAV and much more. Everyone focuses


The Rygo – Printed

We wrote of an unusual crowd funding project to back what would be North America’s largest 3D print to date. The project was to print

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