Golden 3D Printing Problems

Could any 3D print service print in precious metals like gold, silver or platinum? Not unless special steps are taken.

$3D Print Site Hacked

iMakr Hacked!

While perusing 3D print sites today, I noticed that iMakr’s site has been hacked!


Is Your OctoPrint Safe?

A fascinating article at OctoPrint.org shows the right – and wrong – ways to use OctoPrint remotely.


A Tricky Way To Track 3D Prints

Researchers have developed a very tricky method to embed tracking information into 3D prints. 

3D Systems

Be Very, Very Careful With Your Customer Data

I’m reading a fascinating legal complaint by 3D Systems against one of their former employees and his new employer, and there’s lessons to be had by all 3D printing companies here. 


Blockchain-Powered 3D Assets?

A development in 3D asset management may assist the control of 3D models for printing. 


Authentise: 3D Printing IP Protection Rises

A new startup company hopes to provide DRM-like services for 3D printing. Authentise wants to solve the problem of “losing” 3D models by using two different approaches. 


Secured 3D Prints?

A new service could provide a secure solution for for securely 3D printing. But what does that mean? 


3D Printed Keys Unlock Schlage Locks

At the recent Defcon event student researchers from MIT exhibited a new technique that could reduce the security of physical locks from Schlage.    Schlage’s


3D Printers and Airport Security

Just as you are, we’re getting tired of speculative propositions on the prospect of 3D printed weapons and try not to post on it, but


Sneakey Captures Your Keys!

We’re always interested in ways to develop 3D models for printing, and this method is quite startling: Teleduplicating physical keys via optical decoding!    Yes,

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