Peeking Inside a 3D Print Operation

Sculpteo has published a fascinating report on how they handle 3D print jobs in their production facility, demonstrating the challenge of frequent 3D printing. 


MakerBot’s New Service Strategy

MakerBot announced the creation of eight “Authorized ServiceCenters” in Europe. How does this fit into their strategy?

Digital Reality Announces Pro-Quote

Digital Factory announced a new plug-in service, Pro-Quote that can handle the preparation of cost estimates for 3D printing. Who can use this service? If

3D Systems

Veteran 3D Printers

i.Materialise reports they have some rather old 3D printers still in operation at their site. These stereolithography printers (3D Systems SLA 250’s) were apparently originally


Materialise Rescues Itself

Interesting story from i.Materialise, where Joris explains that some two years ago, a tripod lever was catastrophically damaged. Rather than buying a new tripod and

mainstream media

Prototek Manufacturing

CNBC and Fox Business News recently aired a segment of “21st Century Business” in which Prototek Sales Manager Dennis Rocheford explained a bit about his


Print Your Guitar

  Every one of us is a specialist in something, and our belief is that great things happen when different specialists intersect to combine the


3D Ping Pong by Materialise

Materialise, one of the larger 3D print services recently did an experiment using their new “Extreme” stereolithography material. They call it extreme because it’s quite


Darwin’s Ring

Multiple tips arrived this week directing us to a rather amazing design: FluidForm’s Evolve Ring Silver, designed by Michal Piasecki and Krystian Kwiecinski. Not only


Matt is BetaMaterialised

Matt Sinclair of We Dont Do Retro writes of his experience using the beta 3D printing service from Materialise, called “i.materialise”. The beta service proudly


The Karbon Kids

We were tipped towards a new service: The Karbon Kids. This service takes an approach similar to others, where the complexities of 3D modelling and


Virtual Becomes Real – Again

Shapeways provides an excellent post describing how to print a 3D version of your favorite Spore character. Spore? (It’s a 3D massively multiplayer online game


Celebrity Faces

Vanity 3D head-print service That’s My Face now offers a new service in case you don’t like your own head: Celebrity Faces. That’s right, for


Earth Cufflinks

Fluid Forms has executed another example of reality colliding with 3D design. Their new “Earth Cufflinks” product enables you to order silver cufflinks shaped to


3D Printing Services Hurting?

Long-time 3D print service 3D Art to Part seems to be having some difficulty. According to a statement on their website: We are currently undergoing


Finish it with Metal

We ran across an interesting service that provides post-print finishing services, specifically in metal. According to their “about”: 3DDC is the first European company to


CloudFab Invites

For those of you who missed it on Friday, Fabbaloo has an exclusive code to enter the private beta of CloudFab, a new consumer to


It’s Fabulous in the Cloud!

Today we’ve managed to score an exclusive interview with Nick Pinkston, one of the principals behind a new distributed fabrication service: CloudFab, a new way


First Surface

  An interesting new service popped up this month: First Surface. According to their website: First Surface delivers innovative precision surface finishing services using a


Fabber’s Market

  RapidToday has an interesting analysis of a new service, Fabber’s Market, which intends on linking designers and manufacturers – with an emphasis on 3D


That’s My Face!

  Well, that’s not any of us in the picture above – it’s actually from a video of the “Thats My Face” 3D print service.



  You always wanted a piece of land you can call your own, right? Now you can do that – and carry it with you,


Wear Your Land!

  Some people just seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, but now everyone can by trying out Fluid Forms’ new


EGO3D Busts!

  Recently we’ve been babbling about the idea of making 3D Busts of yourself or your friends, and it turns out there is a service


Offload Studios

  There are many 3D print services open today, and most now focus on particular niches. Today’s service bureau profile is Offload Studios, who specialize


3D Rubber Stamps

  In retrospect, this is totally obvious, but Shapeways now provides a way to produce your own rubber stamp from uploaded images. Here’s how it



  We received a note of introduction from ProTocuBe, a Turin-based 3D solutions firm. Like many small 3D firms recently, they are addressing the conceptual



  We just bumped into another interesting 3D print service, this one based in Rome, Italy: SOLIDO. While they deliver only to Europe, they do


More Metal – This Time Saving Lives!

Both ProMetal and Sintef have been working on metal printing processes, quite different from traditional plastics and powders of other 3D print processses. One of


Get Your Model from Moddler

  As readers will know, any new 3D print service these days must specialize in a niche to succeed, and Moddler has chosen digital entertainment.


Home Printing? Home-Based Printing?

  So you want to print out your model, but don’t happen to have a USD$49,000 3D printer under your desk (because your desk would


Introductory 3D Printing Videos

  Sweet Onion Creations is one of the smaller niche 3D printing services, specializing in architecture prints; they’ve been around about as long as any



Z Corp has taken another step to integrate its equipment into the personal manufacturing cycle. Recently they struck a deal with Bentley software to link


Where’s Your Face?

It was inevitable. Both people and companies are using 3D print tech to wander into all manner of niche services, and today we’ve found another


Ponoko’s Designmake Prime

Ponoko, one of the most innovative self-manufacturing services we’ve yet seen, has come up with a new service for makers: DesignMake Prime. It’s similar to



  Clank! That’s what you will hear when you drop an object printed by the ProMetal 3D print service. Their tagline says, “Functional direct metal


Print Your Christmas Angel

We’ve already seen 3D print services try to overcome the “I don’t know how to build a 3D model” problem by specializing in pre-made designs.


3dtotal GrowIts a Service

The variety of 3D printing services continues to astound us. This time we have a partnership arrangement between 3dtotal (“The CG Artist’s Homepage) and GrowIt


Print3D Service

Yet another 3D printing service has appeared, Print3D. While there are numerous 3D services, we thought Print3D had an interesting angle on price quoting. Rather


Sell Property With 3D

We know that architectural firms produce 3D printed models of their designs in order to sell the proposal to a client, but what about more


We’ve encountered another interesting 3D print service. Most of them specialize in one aspect or another, and PrintAPart is no exception. They are squarely addressing


So You Aren’t A 3D Modeler?

This is indeed an issue for the emerging 3D print services: people want to make things, but few are experienced 3D modelers capable of designing


An Invitation to Shapeways

  Shapeways is a 3D printing service we’ve talked about before. We’ve covered many print services in the past, and the reality is that they

Tiny 3D Trains

An intriguing discussion is taking place on, a place for model railway engineers to discuss, well, model trains! User ppuinn asks, “Has anyone used


EMP 3D Print Services

Another 3D print service: EMP Designs. Like most service bureaus, this UK-based company accepts .STL files and produces the requisite output. No instant quotes here,

Instant Quotes… and A Lot More

Stratasys continues reaching into the market with innovative moves. Today we learned of another rather interesting angle: Instant Quotes. As readers may recall, Stratasys is


An Ideal Service?

Perhaps, but that’s what they are really called: Ideal. Actually Ideal is first and foremost a reseller of a very wide array of 2D scanners,


Alternative to TechShop?

  TechShop is a very popular service for skilled manufacturing hobbyists who just don’t have the space or funds to own their own 21st century

Shapeways Taking Shape

We caught a brief mention of a new 3D service start-up company: Shapeways. While they are not yet open to the public, they are soliciting


Fabidoo Heads West

  The German-based Fabidoo consumer oriented manufacturing service is now available worldwide! Previously focused on the German market, the service now provides English web pages suitable for

Proto Technologies Service

  Today’s 3D print service is Proto Technologies, Inc., of Washington State. Their claim to fame is that customers can access a multi-material capable Object


Land Printing

  Yet another niche 3D printing service:, who can “create a 3D model of Any Place on Earth!” To use the system, you must


Prism Engineering Training & Support

  You just can’t pick up an advanced 3D Modeling tool like SolidWorks or others and expect to be productive immediately. However, you can get


Sotopia Concepts

Today’s 3D print service discovery is a bit unusual: Sotopia Concepts provides not only 3D printing services as do many other shops, but instead focuses


Sigma Design Service

Yet another 3D Rapid Prototyping Service has been detected: Sigma Designs. This New Jersey-based engineering firm appears to specialize in engineering design and consultation, but


Another Service Materialises

Another addition to our growing list of 3D fabbing services: Materialise. Belgian-based Materialise falls into the “professional” category, as they focus on delivering rapid prototypes



Another specialized 3D print service is open for business. This time it’s, a artist-oriented service that specializes in printing small works of art. In



We haven’t previously posted on 3D scanning services, but we found one. Atlanta-based 3DScanCo provides industrial-quality scanning and modeling services. This highly capable company uses

3D Print Services Summary, 1Q08

We’ve identified many 3D printing services in previous posts. Today we’ll put them all together and classify them as per our prior post on the


Zapped by ZapFab!

A tipster put us onto a new 3D print service: ZapFab. This Manchester, UK-based business is a bit different than your run-of-the-mill “send us your

press release

RedEye RPM Goes Down Under

We’ve posted on RedEye RPM before; they are the service bureau arm of Stratasys, who manufacture various types of 3D print gear. This announcement ensures

RedEye RPM Adds Modeling

RedEye RPM, the service unit of Stratasys, announces the availability of an architectural modeling service. According to their website, RedEyeArc says: RedEye ARC is your


1,000 TechShops?

We’ve posted about TechShop before, but at a recent meetup in Portland, Oregon, visitors learned about TechShop’s plans for opening a new shop in that


ProtoCAM Service

According to their website, ProtoCAM is the: largest rapid prototyping bureau in the Eastern United States, providing a unique blend of manufacturing engineering / rapid


Two More 3D Print Services

This week we uncovered two more 3D print services: Metropolitan Works – Their Digital Manufacturing Centre is the UK’s “largest resource of new technology for


.STL ?

Frequently we’ve mentioned the use of .STL files when describing 3D printing services. But what are they, exactly? .STL is a computer file format, specifically


AlphaPrototypes Service

We’ve uncovered yet another Rapid Prototyping 3D Print service: AlphaPrototypes. This west coast USA-based firm provides a simple way to upload your .STL files and


DesktopFactory LOSES Innovator of the Year Award

Our favorite yet-to-be-seen device, the low-cost DesktopFactory 125ci 3D printer has lost out to Tangible Express as the recipient of the first annual “Rapid” Innovator


Not Quite a 3D Library

Over at the Adobe Design Center Think Tank, Allan Chochinov posts an interesting analysis of “fictional products” from the design point of view. Fictional products


QuickQuote by QuickARCProvides Quick Quotes

Unlike many 3D Printing services, QuickARC has a new online facility for generating quotes for printing complex 3D objects. Typically, this particular service would be


More on FigurePrints

There’s been quite a buzz around the net regarding the newly opened FigurePrints service, which prints 3D replicas of World of Warcraft characters. We’ve seen


Cosmic Modelz

The rash of 3D services continues. This time it’s Cosmic Modelz, which appears to use Z Corp printers to produce “one-of-a-kind collectibles” from your own


3D Printer Found in Department Store!

Yes, this is real! A Make Magazine reader posted pictures and description of this Dimension printer found at Toronto’s Umbra Concept Store. Evidently visitors can


“Will 3D Printing Finally Go Mainstream?”

Apparently so – this article appears twice: once in C|NET and again in FrogDesign. Tim Lebrecht, Director of Marketing for frog design (frog is most


More 3D Figurine Services

There seems to be a sudden outbreak of services for printing 3D figures lately. Fabjectory has been around for a while, but the blogosphere was


RedEye Goes European

RedEye RPM is opening a new “European rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing center in Leuven, Belgium.” RedEye is a sub of Stratasys, which produces


Jujups Launches is a new 3D printing service that has launched before the holiday season – and just in time, since their main product is Christmas-themed


World of Warcraft Figure Printing

First Fabjectory, now The former can print your Second Life avatar or Mii; the latter can print your WoW character in 3D. Well, they

press release

Muur Labs 3D Printing Service

Yet another 3D printing service has appeared. Muur Lab offers:   a new service to produce real-world models of buildings, medical models and 3D scanned


Low Cost 3D Print Service

Using three ThermoJet 3D printers, John Tangerås’ company, Tangerås Verksted & Støperi of Norway, will offer a 3D printing service beginning in January 2008. The


Real Objects from Virtual Designs

Most of us don’t have access to personal fabs yet, so in the interim you must use services. The good news is that there are


TechShop Workshop

Techshop is a California-based chain of public machine workshops. They provide access to equipment that otherwise would be impossible for home-based hobbyists. Among the specialized

Sweet Architecture Designs

Sweet Onion Creations has announced a service for architects and engineers where 3D model can be submitted for 3D production. The service seems to be

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