Behind the Scenes of 3D Printer Reviews

Behind The Scenes Of 3D Printer Reviews

I’ve been watching Fabbaloo friend Joel Telling’s series of videos on his testing of the Craftbot FLOW IDEX XL, and the process seems quite familiar to me.

digital inventory

Digital Inventory Comes To The High Seas

The vision of a digital inventory with on-demand 3D printing is becoming a reality, with several companies entering an early adopter program.


XRIZE Ships!

Rize announced they are now shipping their flagship full-color 3D Printer, the XRIZE, to the public.


The Carbon L1 Ships

Carbon announced they now offer their huge Carbon L1 Production 3D printer for general availability.

$3D printing in the supply chain

Book of the Week: Supercharg3D

This week’s selection is “Supercharg3D: How 3D Printing Will Drive Your Supply Chain” by Len Pannett.


Rize One 3D Printer Heads to Customers

At this time last year, a new company called Rize came onto the market with a unique form of plastic extrusion 3D printing that promised to do away with elaborate post-processing procedures, while maintaining part integrity. 


Solidoodle’s Shipping Challenges

Solidoodle announced some terrific new machines earlier this year, but shipping them has proven difficult. 


Makibox A6: Shipping Soon?

You might recall the Makibox A6, billed as a “$300 3D Printer”? We wrote on it in February 2012, quite a long time ago, and


i.Materialise in 24 Hours

3D print service i.Materialise announced a new program to dramatically speed up delivery of printed items. You know the scene – you design a brilliant

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