Crocs And 3D Printing

Crocs And 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata consider how 3D printing helps to individualize and make some unique footwear market-ready.


Voxel8 Returns to 3D Print Shoe Uppers

Voxel8, who debuted in 2015 at CES with an electronics 3D printing concept, disappeared, only to now return with a footwear 3D printing solution.


MADE Shows How To Capture Your Feet In 3D

A crowdfunding project has demonstrated a method of producing custom-fit shoes using 3D scanning that could be adapted for 3D printing. 


Footprint Footwear is 3D Printed

A new startup hopes to capitalize on the custom-footwear market by 3D printing shoes that precisely fit the wearer. 


You Can Now 3D Print Personalized Insoles

RSscan and Materialise have teamed up to create RSPrint, a new joint venture that is capable of scanning human feet and 3D printing custom insoles that precisely fit the scanned human.  


PUNGAS Creates New Fashion Category

A project has invented what we believe to be an entirely new category of fashion accessory: Shoe Accessories by PUNGAS. 


Continuum Fashion Speaks

Mary Huang, co-founder of Continuum Fashion recently spoke at a LeWeb event, where she described some of their work to produce ready-to-wear 3D printed shoes. 


Iris van Herpen’s Beyond Wilderness Shoes

If there is a fashion designer pushing the envelope of 3D printed design, it is Dutch designer Iris van Herpen. Her frequent exhibitions often shock


When 3D Printing Shoes, Start with the Heel

We’re reading a post by i.Materialise on the work of Physics PhD student Katrien Herdewyn on developing a 3D printed shoe as part of the


There’s More to the 3D Printing Revolution

We’re reading a piece in Forbes that describes what they call the “3D Printing Revolution You Have Not Heard About”. They refer to the less


3D Printing to Change the Shoe Industry?

James Shorrock writes on Hypebeast his thoughts on how 3D printing could change the future of the shoe manufacturing industry.    He proposes that while


Design of the Week: Caged Heels

This week’s selection is London-based shoe designer Bryan Oknyansky’s Caged Heels.    Oknyansky runs Shoes By Bryan, a bespoke designer of very unique shoes, operating


More 3D Printed Shoes

There’s more cool stuff from the folks at Continuum Fashion, who have previously produced a 3D printed Bikini. They’ve now released the “strvct” 3D printed


More 3D Printed Shoes

After jewelry, the most frequently 3D printed item of clothing seems to be shoes. Some of the designs we’ve seen up to now were totally


The V&A Goes 3D

If you’re visiting London soon, we’d recommend you spend some time at the Victoria and Albert Museum, home of incredible deisgns of all kinds. Typically


Melonia Shoes at The Design Museum

During our recent visit to London and The Design Museum, we came across a very cool 3D printed shoe design: The Melonia Shoe. Designed by


Shoes by Andreia Chaves

We’re fascinated by the idea of 3D printed shoes for some reason. Perhaps it’s the notion of always having a shoe that fits perfectly. On


3D Printed Shoes Nominated For Award

You might have seen those amazing 3D printed shoes produced by Materialise. Well, they’re so impressive they’ve been nominated for the Brit Insurance Design Award,


3D Printed Couture Shoes

Designer Marloes ten Bhömer is well-known for her unorthodox shoe designs, and now she’s apply 3D printing technology to her craft. Pictured above is her


Impossible Shoes

Shoes were a hit at the recent Freedom of Creation Future of Fashion exhibition in Amsterdam. Designer student Pauline Van Dongen created several unique shoe

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