Siemens Pushes Digital Twins in CNC Manufacturing

Siemens Pushes Digital Twins in CNC Manufacturing

Siemens recently announced its new SINUMERIK CNC control system. While Siemens has long been a hallmark of CNC controllers, this new system takes its cue from other parts of the company’s repertoire.


A Benchmark Object For Metal 3D Printing?

The difficulty in 3D printing a particular type of industrial part suggests an idea for a type of benchmark object for metal 3D printing.


Siemens Scoops Up Atlas 3D

Industrial giant Siemens acquired Atlas 3D and their Sunata simulation software to add to their growing additive manufacturing portfolio.


Siemens Launches 3D Printing Software Suite

There’s no more need to say that 3D printing has finally “made it” in the world of industrial manufacturing. Now, it’s time to really make it work and to fully integrate it into the manufacturing supply chain.

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