Sinterit Introduces Comprehensive SLS Toolkit

Sinterit Introduces Comprehensive SLS Toolkit

Sinterit announced the availability of a new “comprehensive set of powder tools”, which aims to change the game when acquiring an SLS 3D printer.

$using tpu with sls

TPU Elastomers From Powder

I’m watching another of Sinterit’s amusing videos, this time about TPU elastomers.


Smooth Or Rough Materials?

I’m watching some interesting videos from Sinterit about their materials.


Sinterit Gives Away Mandatory Accessory

Sinterit is not the biggest 3D printer manufacturer, by any means, but they seem to understand the issues of their target market. 


Inexpensive SLS 3D Printing Just Got a Bit Easier

Autodesk and Sinterit announced Netfabb support for the startup company’s inexpensive SLS 3D printer, opening a window for increased access to the powerful 3D printing process. 


Sinterit Scores a Million!

Poland-based Sinterit has raised one million euros to assist their growth. 

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