SketchUp Goes Subscription-Only

SketchUp, the 3D tool many of us began learning 3D concepts from, has moved to a subscription payment model.



I’ve been playing with an interesting 3D mapping service, CADMAPPER.

Some SketchUp Tips for 3D Printing

Some folks use Trimble’s SketchUp Make to prepare 3D models for 3D printing, but there are some tricks involved. We found a post that explains them. 

What’s Up With Sketchup?

For many of us, SketchUp was our first encounter with 3D modeling. But what’s the latest from SketchUp?

Using SketchUp for 3D Printing

SketchUp is a free 3D modeling tool that is quite often the very first exposure to 3D modeling for many people. But is it appropriate


Google Sells SketchUp!

Big news! Google has sold off the hugely popular SketchUp 3D modeling tool to Trimble. Wait, who are Trimble, exactly? They’re a “leading provider of

Ponoko/Google Sketchup Contest Underway

Ponoko’s promoting their recent launch of Personal Factory version 4 by joining forces with Google Sketchup on a new contest: The Ponoko 3D Printing Challenge.

Poor Man’s 3D Printing: The Design

So you want to start 3D printing, but you have no money? It is possible to do 3D printing without much cash, and for starters

Print Your Sketchup Objects

Google Sketchup, by far the most popular 3D modeling tool in the known universe, now has a great way to send your Sketchup model to

3D Printing from Google Sketchup

  QuickArc has just announced that their 3D model viewer, QuickArc 3D, now can read and convert Google Sketchup 3D files into printable 3D format

OoeyGui Continues

We’ve written about Lou Amadio’s garage-based “Fabr” project before, in which he’s building his own 3D printer – including self-designed portions of the machine itself.

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