Sinterit Introduces Comprehensive SLS Toolkit

Sinterit Introduces Comprehensive SLS Toolkit

Sinterit announced the availability of a new “comprehensive set of powder tools”, which aims to change the game when acquiring an SLS 3D printer.

Inverted Powder 3D Printing

Inverted Powder 3D Printing

Researchers at Columbia University have developed a unique form of powder 3D printing that is inverted.


Wematter Updates 3D Print Software

Wematter released version 2.0 of their 3D print management software, which includes a number of user interface improvements.


Multicolor SLS 3D Printing Coming?

New research has demonstrated an inexpensive method of reliably producing different color shades during SLS 3D printing, but will it replace dyeing?


Sonda SYS Lands In North America

Sonda SYS has made arrangements to open up sales of their line of 3D printers in North America, gaining a new audience for their unusual SL02 dual-size machine.


3D Printed Metal Scavenger Filters

New research seems to have developed an incredibly effective method of 3D printing speciality filters to extract specific metals from waste material.


Is It Possible To 3D Print Spacecraft?

It has now been demonstrated it’s possible to 3D print spacecraft parts in thermoplastic thanks to an experiment by CRP Technology.


TPU Parts With SLS Printing

How useful is TPU when 3D printing? What are the best 3D printing processes for printing flexible TPU parts?

high speed sintering

Stratasys Invests Big Time in Xaar, But Why?

Why would Stratasys invest so much in Xaar? Our thoughts lead directly to Stratasys’ new product strategy, and it’s not like their previous products at all.


Choose SLS, SLA or SLM 3D Printers From SondaSys

Need a 3D printer manufacturer providing multiple additive manufacturing processes? One option is SondaSys, which provides six machines using three different processes.

$NXT Factory automated SLS

NXT Factory’s Intelligent SLS 3D Printing

We vistied NXT Factory in Ventura, California for a look inside their new high-speed, high-temperature automated SLS 3D printing systems.

$Selecting a 3D Print Process

Choosing The Best 3D Printing Process

Need to select a 3D printing process for an additive manufacturing project? These videos explain the major differences between SLS, FDM, SLA, MJF and more.

$neon colored 3D prints

How Advanced Can 3D Printed Colors Be?

I spoke with DyeMansion’s Chief Customer Officer, Kai Witter, about the company’s new advanced 3D print color systems.

$using tpu with sls

TPU Elastomers From Powder

I’m watching another of Sinterit’s amusing videos, this time about TPU elastomers.


Smooth Or Rough Materials?

I’m watching some interesting videos from Sinterit about their materials.


Setback For CRP Group?

We received a press release from CRP group describing a catastrophe for one of their partners.


Formlabs’ Fuse 1 Delayed?

We learned that Formlabs has delayed the release of their highly anticipated Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer.


11,500 Unique 3D Printed Figurines

This is a bit old now, but I just noticed it this week: a company 3D printed thousands of 3D models for their conference attendees.


The VIT SLS 3D Printer

There seems to be another big success on Kickstarter: the VIT SLS 3D printer from Natural Robotics. 


Ricoh’s Powerful SLS 3D Printing System

To most people, the name “Ricoh” means photocopiers or cameras. Now, the company is hoping that same name will also mean “3D printing”. 


Sinterit Update

Remember those fellows building a new lower-cost laser-sintering 3D printer? They’ve been quite busy working on Sinterit.


The SinterIt SLS 3D Printer

First there were plastic extrusion personal 3D printers, then came resin-based 3D printers. Now we’re looking at an inexpensive SLS 3D printer. 

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