Is Software The Answer To Reliable 3D Printing?

Like most of you, we like to watch 3D prints happen. There’s something magical about seeing a real object appear out of, apparently, thin air. But while the print takes place, angry thoughts emerge. 


OpenFab’s Visionary Goal: Multi-material Objects

Developed by MIT and presented at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference, OpenFab proposes a way to more easily produce incredibly complex milt-material objects.    OpenFab is


Autodesk Battles Bad Design

3D software giant Autodesk has released an infographic portraying the need for, guess what? 3D design software. (Click on the image above to see the


Where’s My 3D Print Button? Part 2

Last week we lamented the current state of personal 3D printing workflow: difficult. It’s so difficult we believe many potential mainstream 3D printer owners would


Where’s My 3D Print Button? Part 1

We’ve all seen this button many times. It’s how you produce 2D paper output, and you’ve used it perhaps all your life, maybe every day.


Nervous Jewelry

  Actually it’s not the jewelry that’s nervous, it’s the creators. Or their company: Nervous System. They produce a line of jewelry (bracelets, rings, necklaces,


Shrunken Heads at Opend3DP!

The folks at Open3DP continue to investigate ways to produce 3D glass printing, and they’ve been quite successful so far. A recent post shows their



We ran across an intriguing software tool that can be used to develop incredibly cool 3D models. It’s called “SUBSTANCE”, from NeuroSystems. Here’s NeuroSystem’s tagline:


Replacing .STL

We wrote on the problems with the prehistoric .STL format the other week, and bumped into a potential replacement: GTS. It’s an open source project:


A Chameleon Tears Down Barriers

A1 Technologies, the folks who make the very inexpensive RapMan 3D printer and more recently an inexpensive 3D scanner, now produce an innovative 3D mouse


netfabb Studio 4.2

  Yes, it’s just been updated and available for download. netfabb is a lightweight Windows software tool specifically engineered for additive design. netfabb offers a


ZBrush 3DPrintExporter

  Another really useful plugin has emerged for the popular and powerful ZBrush digital sculpting program. The new 3DPrintExporter does exactly that: it prepares a

XVL Studio Version 8.1 Released

Lattice Technology has just released a new version of their 3D modeling suite, XVL. It’s being distributed to customers with maintenance contracts this week. There



  Just so you know, Meshlab has released version 1.2.0 of their software recently. What is Meshlab, you ask? From their project site: MeshLab is


T-Splines 2.0 Nearly Available

  T-Splines 2.0 for the Rhino 3D modeling package is apparently going to ship in the next few weeks, and we noted some very useful


Fix That Rhinoceros!

  The University of Minnesota’s course “ARCH 4150” provides an introduction to Rhino, but we noticed they’ve posted a detailed workbook on how to prepare


AnarkikAngels Challenges Conventions

Edinburgh-based AnarkikAngels is trying to break down a barrier that we’ve seen others try to breech: the difficulty in acquiring 3D models. As we’ve said


ShapeShop 3D Modeling Software

A new 3D Modeling tool has emerged: ShapeShop! It claims: ShapeShop is a new 3D modeling and design tool with a fun, easy-to-learn interface. Sketch-based


AutoCAD 3D Bonus Pack

A new Bonus Pack is available for AutoCAD via your subscription.  In fact, there are three available. The first provides extra measurement techniques, PLINE and

Cadalyst on 3D Publishing

We spend a lot of time thinking about designs and the technology to print those designs, but what about the notion of publishing designs? Once


Shapeways Creator Launched

  Last week Shapeways, one of the newest and most interesting consumer-oriented 3D print services, launched a new beta of their user-friendly “Shapeways Creator” software.


Through The Barrier

Previously we reported on a breakthrough in 3D software that permitted Revit 2009 users to easily access 3D Print Services via a special .STL exported


STL Barrier Broken!

One of the ongoing bugaboos of 3D printing is that most 3D printers accept a limited number of 3D input files. Most typically, STL is


3D Printing from Google Sketchup

  QuickArc has just announced that their 3D model viewer, QuickArc 3D, now can read and convert Google Sketchup 3D files into printable 3D format


ZEdit Unleashed

The big news this week was Z Corp’s announcement of new software: ZEdit Pro, which is used to develop 3D designs suitable for printing on


Considerations for 3D Printing

We frequently scan the Internet to find the latest on Fabbing, and lately we keep finding many postings regarding DesktopFactory’s sub-$5000 3D printer. We’re guilty


OGLE 3D Model Extractor Available

The folks at Eyebeam OpenLab have produced (and released as open source software) OGLE, a very interesting package that: allows for the capture and re-use

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