Lessons From The Demise of Solidoodle

This week former 3D printer manufacturer Solidoodle finally made it formal by announcing they’ve suspended operations permanently. While many could see this coming, what lessons can we gain from this event?


Solidoodle’s Shipping Challenges

Solidoodle announced some terrific new machines earlier this year, but shipping them has proven difficult. 


New Solidoodles!

In a sudden announcement, Solidoodle has completely revamped their line of personal 3D printers. 


Solidoodles On Sale

Personal 3D printer manufacturer Solidoodle has abruptly placed several of their popular models on sale. It may be a good time to pick one up. 


He’s 3D Printing a James Bond Car!

New Zealander Ivan Sentch must be a big Bond fan as he’s undertaken a spectacular project to 3D print a life-size replica of James Bond’s


Solidoodle Turns 3

Solidoodle has announced a ten 3 version of their personal 3D printer. This very “solid” 3D printer was designed by aerospace engineers to ensure a


Solidoodle 2 Announced

Readers may recall the original Solidoodle 3D printer. Now you can buy the Solidoodle 2, an improved version for sale at a price under USD$500.


More on the Solidoodle 3D Printer

After yesterday’s post on the new Solidoodle 3D printer, we spoke with team leader Sam Cervantes, who answered some key questions were pondering.    Fabbaloo:


The Solidoodle 3D Printer

Yet another inexpensive 3D printer has emerged: the Solidoodle. The amusingly named device is unique because it is, as far as we can tell, the

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