Eight Ways 3D Printing Can Help Manufacturing

Eight Ways 3D Printing Can Help Manufacturing

With the recent spotlight on 3D printing as a result of the pandemic’s bump on supply chains, I listed some ways the technology can help manufacturers.


Interesting Updates From COBOD

COBOD’s BOD2 construction 3D printer seems to be catching on as the company has made multiple sales of the new device.


Xact Metal Tunes Up Their Metal 3D Printing Tech

Xact Metal has incorporated several new features into their line of metal 3D printers that should speed up the system significantly, yet keep the price quite low.


Has Essentium Reinvented 3D Printing?

Call us impressed. Essentium’s new HSE 180•S seems like a 3D printer utterly different from its competitors.


Xact Metal Pivots

Metal 3D printing startup Xact Metal has done a slight pivot on their path to success.


BigRep Makes a Speedy 3D Printing Filament

BigRep’s focus recently has been all about print speed, and now they’re using a new filament technology to achieve more rapid prints. 


The Coming Proliferation of High Speed Sintering?

In the last few years, a number of exciting new technologies have emerged in the 3D printing industry that promise the integration of additive manufacturing (AM) into the larger world of manufacturing


Which is Faster? FDM or SLA 3D Printing?

A reader comment enquired about the general relative speed of the two major 3D printing processes, plastic extrusion and photocurable resin. 


Dynamo 3D’s Speed Advantage

Italy-based Dynamo 3D produces some very fast 3D printers, but the secret to their speedy printing is a key internal component. 

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