Fore! 3D Printing in Golf

Fore! 3D Printing in Golf

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata explore the use of 3D printing in the world of golf.


A Sports Opportunity for 3D Printing?

Some major sports teams have official products, such as an official drink or service. But why not have an official 3D printer?


Buy a 3D Printed Stadium

There’s quite a few 3D print services out there today and it’s hard for services to distinguish themselves. One strategy is to specialize and that’s what ZVerse does. They specialize in Sports. 


3D Printed Sports Logos: Illegal?

Boston, Massachusetts is the original home of ZCorp, now owned by 3D Systems. It’s also the home of the Boston Bruins NHL hockey club, currently


World’s First 3D Printed Sailboard

Startup company MADE BOARDS has devised a process to create surf, paddle and sailboards using 3D printing. They don’t simply design a board and print


World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard

Every Third Thursday has published a video of their most recent experiment: a 3D printed snowboard. The experiment, as you’ll see, was a success.   


Necessity Causes Invention: A GoPro Scuba Mount

If you’ve never used a GoPro, perhaps you should. It’s an inexpensive but very specialized camera designed to be used outdoors in action situations. It’s

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