3D Systems’ Stock Price Rocks and Rolls
3D Systems

3D Systems’ Stock Price Rocks And Rolls

Holders of 3D Systems stock (NYSE:DDD) have been having a bit of fun in the past months, as the stock price has jumped and fallen.

Desktop Metal CEO: What It Means To Go Public
desktop metal

Desktop Metal CEO: What It Means To Go Public

3D printing unicorn Desktop Metal announced today that it will go public by the end of this year; we catch up with the CEO to learn more about what that means for the company.

3D Systems Announces Sweeping Changes
3D Systems

3D Systems Announces Sweeping Changes

3D Systems, one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers, announced a series of sweeping changes to their operations and outlook.


IPOs, Timing, and 3D Printing

Charlie Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi examine the potential for major IPOs in the 3D printing industry.


3D Systems Stock Gets an Unexpected Boost

3D Systems’ stock price took a bit of a rise this week, possibly due to investor observation of their broad COVID-19 efforts and their extensive healthcare focus.


ExOne’s Timing Challenges

ExOne suffered a substantial loss in stock price, but what are the reasons behind this and why did it happen?

3D Systems

Analyzing The 3D Systems Analysis

I’m reading a report on Seeking Alpha describing the stock price journey of 3D Systems, and have some things to add.

3D Systems

3D Systems Stock Hits A Low

Yesterday the stock price of 3D Systems hit an all time low of USD$6.01. Is it time to worry? 


Is There A Campaign Against Stratasys?

We’re reading a curious story from Ticker Report that highlights someone selling their stake in Stratasys. Is this important? We think not. 

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