Stratasys Wins Gold Medal

Stratasys was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2013 Concours Lépine International Inventions Exhibition. The Concours Lépine is an annual competition for French inventions that


How Will Stratasys and MakerBot Change?

After their acquisition of MakerBot, we’re expecting changes in StrataBot, or is it MakerSys? We’re just kidding; neither Stratasys nor MakerBot will change their name


MakerBot’s First Post-Stratasys 3D Printer?

What will be the next personal 3D printer from MakerBot, post acquisition by Stratasys?    We believe MakerBot’s next 3D printer could be significantly different


BREAKING: Stratasys Acquires MakerBot

Call us wrong on this one. The other week we suggested it didn’t make much sense for Stratasys to purchase MakerBot, in spite of rumors.


Stratasys To Acquire MakerBot?

A report on TechCrunch proposes that MakerBot is in talks with Stratasys “regarding a possible acquisition”. The report says “persistent rumors of a sale or

3D Systems

Get Ready For Real Chocolate 3D Printing

At a recent conference 3D Systems President and CEO Avi Reichental spoke of his company’s efforts to produce a true chocolate 3D printer. While the


Stratasys’s Finishing Secrets

Stratasys has released a video detailing some of their secret (well, maybe not so secret) finishing processes. The video shows various tumbling media machines that


New Stratasys Video

The new Stratasys, formed by the merging of the original Stratasys and Objet continues to blend their brands into a cohesive slate of products. They’ve


Stratasys Reorganizes Its 3D Printer Lines

We’ve been patiently waiting for changes in Stratasys’ product lineup since they officially merged with Objet and now we’ve found out what they’re doing.   


3D Printed Fashion In Paris Show

\As part of Paris Fashion Week, 3D printing giants Stratasys and Materialise collaborated with noted 3D fashion artist Iris van Herpen on her “VOLTAGE” haute


Stratasys Completes Merger with Objet

After an overly long journey through regulations and legalities, two 3D printing industry giants Objet and Stratasys have completed their merger.    The new company,


Start-Up Offers Blueprints For 3D Printed Parts

Stratasys founder Scott Crump offered the following commentary on Swedish company Teenage Engineering, which has started offering its customers 3D CAD files as blueprints for


Stratasys Reports 3Q12 Results

As one of the two publicly-traded major 3D printing companies, Stratasys’ financial results are always interesting to examine.    They’ve been on a tear in


3D Print Design Contest has launched a four week 3D print design contest. Readers may consider entering this contest as it has few rules and a grand prize


The 2013 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge

Each year Stratasys sponsors an excellent competition between students to determine the most interesting and useful 3D printable designs. This year they’re launching the 2013


3D Print Speed Advice From Stratasys

Stratasys has published a very informative white paper detailing their thoughts on the speed of 3D printing. This is sometimes a touchy subject, as 3D


Save Some Cash With ISQUARED Consumables

It was only a matter of time before someone began producing “clone” plastic materials for high-end 3D printers. That’s the business of Swiss-based ISQUARED, who


Emma’s Story… And More

A wonderful story emerged last week when Stratasys published the story of Emma, a young girl with congenital biomechanical problems. She was unable to raise


HP and Stratasys Divorce

Somehow this wasn’t a complete surprise, as we’d been hearing rumors of difficulties in the relationship between IT Giant HP and 3D Printing leader Stratasys.


Inside the Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer

One of the benefits of attending an event like Rapid 2012 is the ability to see, touch and literally get inside the latest 3D printing


The Mojo 3D Printer

Today Stratasys announced a new FDM 3D printer for designers, architects and other professionals  – but it’s very different from anything you’ve seen before. It


The Beginnings of FDM 3D Printing

While visiting Stratasys’ HQ in Minneapolis, we were able to meet CEO and Founder Scott Crump, who told the story of how he invented the


Extreme Redesign 2012 Winners Announced

The 2012 Extreme Redesign Contest is completed and the winners have been announced by sponsor Stratasys. Winners were selected in four categories: Middle/High School, College


A Visit to RedEye

Recently we had the privilege of visiting Stratasys’ Minneapolis-based 3D print service: RedEye On Demand. Wait, we shouldn’t call it a “3D Printing Service” anymore.


Massive News: Objet and Stratasys Merge

Stratasys announced they’ve merged with the largest remaining large commercial 3D printer manufacturer, Objet of Israel, creating the now-largest 3D printing company with a market


How To Screw Your 3D Print

We don’t mean ruining it! We mean being able to successfully insert screws into your 3D printed model for attaching other components. Let’s be clear:


3D Printing Plastic AND Metal

Whoa – 3D printing plastic AND metal at the same time? There are many kinds of 3D printers in the world these days, most printing


Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

Stratasys sponsors the Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge each year and they’ve just announced the finalists in the three categories: Art & Architecture; Middle /


Ten Years of Inexpensive 3D Printing

Industry giant Stratasys just reminded us that it’s actually been ten years since they introduced a low cost 3D printer to the world. The term


Time to Enter The Extreme Redesign Contest

Stratasys’ annual Extreme Redesign Contest for students is open – but only until the deadline of February 2. If you’ve been thinking about entering, think


Unboxing A Stratasys

Brad Rigdon, the owner of PrintTo3D, a small 3D print service just received a brand new Stratasys Fortus 250mc commercial 3D printer. While we often


Stratasys Drifting Away from HP?

In early 2010 big-time 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys signed an agreement with even-bigger-time 2D printer manufacturer HP to market 3D printers. The deal involved Stratasys


Stratasys 3D Printers For Less?

There’s those low-cost personal 3D printers we often write about and there’s those really expensive commercial 3D printers that you’d never be able to afford.


Stratasys Expands

3D printing industry giant Stratasys has been spending some money lately – on a new 90,000 sq. ft production facility in Minnesota. The new facility,

Exclusive Video: 3D Printed Car Unveiled

Last night Fabbaloo attended the official unveiling of the Urbee 3D printed car, which we’ve covered previously. The Urbee is an ultra-efficient urban vehicle prototype


Urbee, The 3D Printed Car

Can you 3D print a working car? The folks making the Urbee car believe so. They’ve prototyping an ultra-efficient (300 miles per gallon, 0.8L/100Km) urban


Final Fantasy IV Character Lives!

We thought this was perhaps the coolest 3D printed thing we’ve seen this year. As you can see, it’s a version of the Cecil Harvey


HP 3D Printing Update

At the recent Plastics Design and Moulding show in London, Fabbaloo caught up with Eric Erickson, HP’s Product Manager for their Designjet 3D printers. It’s


StrataSys Goes Acquiring

It seems the big guys have their corporate acquisition shopping carts in motion recently. While 3D Systems was scooping up other companies last week, this


A Really Big Unboxing

We thought we experienced a large unboxing when we uncrated a BFB 3000, but we were clearly outdone by i.Materialise. The 3D print service recently


Stratasys is Certified

Stratasys recently announced that they’ve achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. For those of you unfamiliar with the intricacies of ISO manufacturing certifications, this particular cert deals


Stratasys 3Q2010 Results

We like to take a peek at Stratasys’ financial results, because as one of the very few dedicated 3D printing companies that is publicly traded,


Stratasys Prints A Car!

Well, not exactly an *entire car* – but just its body. The Urbee was an entrant to Progressive Insurance’s Automotive X-Prize. The competition has now


Stratasys Roars Back

Stratasys, the folks behind the popular Dimension series of 3D printers has released their quarterly results. We like to follow their announcements, because by extrapolation


Stratasys is Savoring

That’s according to their CEO, Scott Crump, who in a recent blog post described the moment when HP announced it entered the 3D printer market


WaveWash From Stratasys

One of the big challenges with 3D printers is the clean up process. Unlike 2D printers, where you can use the output immediately, most 3D


HP is 3D Printing!

The big news today was the anticipated release of HP’s new line of 3D printers. The printers are actually made by Stratasys, makers of the


Stratasys Reduces Support Material by 40%

Stratasys, makers of the Dimension series of commercial 3D printers has announced a breakthrough in support technology. For those who don’t know, support material is


HP Ready to Ship 3D Printers

In an update to the blockbuster announcement in January, DesignNews reports that HP will very soon begin shipping their new 3D printers to five selected


Opinions on HP’s 3D Printer

Following up on last week’s massive news that HP has linked up with Stratasys to produce an exclusive line of 3D printers, we scanned the


The uPrint PLUS!

Stratasys just announced a new member to their 3D print family: the uPrint Plus. One year after they announced the inexpensive commercial uPrint device, they’ve


HP Makes 3D Printers!

Not quite yet, but apparently soon – HP will be selling not only 2D printers, but 3D printers, too. Today it was announced that Stratasys


Stratasys Reports 3Q09 Results

We like to follow Stratasys’s financial results because as one of the major public companies involved in the 3D Printing and rapid prototyping space that


Stratasys Adds Four More

Four more build materials, that is. Specifically made for their Fortus 900mc 3D printer, the new materials have improved properties: SABIC’s ULTEM 9085: Strong and


Stratasys Results

As is customary (and required), Stratasys announced their latest quarterly results. We like to examine them because we suspect they may shed light on the

Get That Extreme Redesign Ready!

Dimension Printing, makers of the Stratasys line of 3D printers, is running its annual Extreme Redesign contest once again. This year the deadline for entries


Stratasys Smoothes it Out

  One of the shocks encountered by those first seeing a 3D printed object is that they aren’t always smooth. We’re all used to seeing

press release

Stratasys Defies Economic Swing

Stratasys, makers of the Dimension line of 3D printers, recently released their 3rd Quarter 2008 financial results. Surprisingly the company produced “record third quarter revenue”,


The Cost of a Wrench

It’s apparently USD$49, including USD$14 that was “dissolved away” according to a post at the ChiefDelphi forums. Team222badbrad produced these wrenches on a Dimension 1200es,


Stratasys Gets Harder

New print media materials were recently announced by Stratasys for use in their FDM 360mc and FDM 400mc 3D printers. Both PC and PC-ABS are

Extreme Redesign Repeats

For the fifth year Stratasys’ Dimension 3D Printing Group is running their annual Extreme Redesign: The Ultimate 3D Printing Challenge. According to the press release,

press release

It’s Christmas Already at Stratasys!

Fabbaloo received several notices of a press release from Stratasys in which they announced they have: given over $400,000 to schools across the nation to

Z Corp is the Fastest!

The fastest 3D Printer? Perhaps, perhaps not. But they are evidently one of the “fastest growing companies” in America, according to, a very popular

Stratasys Ships FDM 900mc

Stratasys, makers of high-end 3D printers, announced they’ve taken on a “record number of orders” for their newest product, the FDM 900mc direct digital manufacturing

Motley Fool Questions Stratasys

Motely Fool, a popular financial analysis site, recently examined Stratasys’s quarterly results, which showed a drop in the number of units shipped from the previous

Additive Manufacturing: The Edge of the Wedge

Stratasys announced the sale of multiple large FDM 900mc 3D printers to “an unnamed Fortune 500 company”. The mysterious company will be using these high-powered


10,000 For Stratasys

Leading 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys passed a significant milestone this week: they’ve shipped their 10,000th device. The lucky owner turns out to be PSA Peugot

Instant Quotes… and A Lot More

Stratasys continues reaching into the market with innovative moves. Today we learned of another rather interesting angle: Instant Quotes. As readers may recall, Stratasys is


Discounts From Dimension

Stratasys’s Dimension Printing Group is offering a USD$10,000 credit for commercial customers for purchases of their 1200ES 3D Printer. The catch? You must trade in


Stratasys Leading

A press release from Stratasys, makers of the popular Dimension series of 3D Printers, seems to indicate they lead the pack of manufacturers. The release.

mainstream media

Motley Fool Features 3D Vendor

Our favorite online financial information service, The Motley Fool, posted an analysis of Stratasys’s recent results. And the results were quite good indeed. We wrote

press release

Stratasys Reports Record Results!

In spite of the lousy economic situation, Stratasys has managed to pull off very good results for the first quarter of the year. Manufacturers of

Clean Media for Your 3D Printer

One of the main concerns with any 3D printer is the media. To a large extent, its characteristics govern the quality, appearance and robustness of


StrataSys Stock Falls

Stratasys, makers of the Dimension series and high-end FDM series of 3D printers, suffered an 18% drop in stock price after fourth-quarter 2008 earnings were

press release

Dimension Releases the 1200es Series

Dimension 3D Printing Group (a unit of Stratasys) has made available two new 3D Printers:   1200es BST ($26,000) 1200es SST ($34,900) The two key

press release

RedEye RPM Goes Down Under

We’ve posted on RedEye RPM before; they are the service bureau arm of Stratasys, who manufacture various types of 3D print gear. This announcement ensures

RedEye RPM Adds Modeling

RedEye RPM, the service unit of Stratasys, announces the availability of an architectural modeling service. According to their website, RedEyeArc says: RedEye ARC is your


Stratasys Focuses

Stratasys, makers of the interesting FDM 900MC digital manufacturing system, have dropped marketing of the Arcam line of devices. They had been marketing the European-based

press release

Stratasys FDM 900mc

Stratasys is showing off their new FDM 900mc Additive Fabrication System at the Frankfurt EuroMold trade show. While WAY out of the financial range of


RedEye Goes European

RedEye RPM is opening a new “European rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing center in Leuven, Belgium.” RedEye is a sub of Stratasys, which produces

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