Desktop Metal CEO: What It Means To Go Public
desktop metal

Desktop Metal CEO: What It Means To Go Public

3D printing unicorn Desktop Metal announced today that it will go public by the end of this year; we catch up with the CEO to learn more about what that means for the company.

Briggs & Stratton Bankruptcy And 3D Printing
3D Systems

Briggs & Stratton Bankruptcy And 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata explore 3D printing implications from Brigs & Stratton’s use of the technology — and their recently-announced bankruptcy filing.

3D Alliances

Evaluating Industrial 3D Printing Systems

With in-person industry events at a standstill, a new endeavor has launched to enable companies to meet and evaluate industrial 3D printing.


HP Inc. Escapes To New Opportunities

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi dig into post-Xerox-bid HP and what that future might look like from the 3D printing perspective.


Nokia in the News & 3D Printing

Charles Goulding of R&D Tax Savers takes a look at Nokia’s business and potential in 3D printing.


Essentium Sticks With Vertical Strategy

Essentium’s latest partnership offers some interesting insight into how they develop vertical markets and increase their sales.


Xerox On The Hunt For HP

A report on CNN indicates Xerox is launching a hostile takeover bid for HP. If this succeeds, what effect would happen on their respective 3D print ventures?


XJET Found A Niche In Ceramic Applications

XJET has found their way into a very interesting and profitable application niche for their powerful ceramic 3D printing technology.


Rize All-In On Bio-Friendly 3D Printing

It seems that RIZE is placing a bet on a future 3D printing world with increased emphasis on safety. We found out some details.


Formlabs Expands Dental Program In A Big Way

Formlabs announced a series of bold moves to secure their place at the top of the dental 3D printing industry, including a new business unit, new dental 3D printing materials and a new dental 3D printer, the Form 3B.

agile manufacturing

Carbon’s Manufacturing Strategy Continues

Carbon has a fascinating strategy for increasing use of their powerful DLS 3D printers in manufacturing, and we found one example of how they’re doing it.

aleph objects

The End Of LulzBot (?)

Is this the end of Aleph Objects as we’ve known it? Yes and no.

$SLM Solutions operations

SLM Solutions’ Operations Updates

I recently visited SLM Solutions North America, and during that visit learned more about how the company has been updating its operations and strategies.

$Amazon Prime Day

3D Systems Returning To Consumer 3D Printing?

Is 3D Systems changing strategy? They are selling their FabPro 1000 as a consumer or prosumer platform via Amazon Prime Day — what comes next?

$3D printing business strategies

3D Print Learning Series: Business

An entry in our Learning Series hopes to show you the business aspects of 3D printing, including purchasing, leasing, providing services, designing and marketing.


Carbon’s Comfy Strategy

Carbon announced additional partnerships recently, but it seems to be a part of a larger strategy for business expansion.


Stealth to Success?

Should more companies stay in stealth mode longer?


What is Trinckle’s Growth Strategy?

Berlin-based 3D print service Trinckle has made another announcement, and I’m beginning to see an interesting growth strategy at their company. 


Ultimaker’s Trust Level: 10

We had an opportunity recently to speak with Ultimaker CEO Siert Wijnia, and discovered something very unusual. 

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