supply chain


Innovating Out Of Downturn

Pandemic-driven transitioning is leading to an interesting long-term reconfiguration of factory work.


Will 3D Printing Truly Reshape Retail?

Singularity Hub’s Peter Diamandis makes some predictions about how the retail market may be affected by 3D printing in the future. We have some counter-points.

$3D printing in the supply chain

Book of the Week: Supercharg3D

This week’s selection is “Supercharg3D: How 3D Printing Will Drive Your Supply Chain” by Len Pannett.


FedEx and the Future of Logistics

3D printing is part of the FedEx vision of the future in logistics. But how much of that vision is still TBA.

How Is 3D Printing Disrupting the Supply Chain?

The typical supply chain starts with the acquisition of raw material, leads into the production phase and, eventually, results in warehouse storage and retail distribution. 

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