Let’s Talk About Post-Processing
post processing

Let’s Talk About Post-Processing

They call post-processing the “dirty little secret” of 3D printing, but let’s talk about it in the 2020 post-processing survey.


Our 2019 Reader Survey Results

Our annual reader survey is complete, and we thank everyone who participated. I thought it could be interesting to show some of the results, which really are all about you. 


Customized Products Face Consumer Challenges

Dassault Systèmes has undertaken a survey to understand consumer attitudes to custom-made products and this could affect the future growth of 3D printing.


Open Just A Bit Longer: Our Annual Survey!

Guess what? Our annual survey is now open for only a short while longer. To get your opinion registered and be eligible for the prize, please read on!


A Photogrammetry Survey For You

A researcher wants to know more about how you use photogrammetry, and you can fill out his survey to help a research project.


Fictiv’s Survey On Production

Fictiv released the results of a survey of their manufacturing clients and found some interesting results.


Essentium’s Survey Results

3D printer manufacturer Essentium just released the results of their recent survey on production 3D printing usage.


Our 2018 Reader Survey Results

We’ve completed our annual reader survey and found some interesting results that we’d like to show you.

Fictiv’s View of 3D Printing

Fictiv’s View of 3D Printing

Fictiv released a survey of their community that sheds some light on 3D print practices. 


What’s Up With 3D Printer Filaments?

An interesting survey was conducted by Filaments.Directory that reveals some interesting behavior by 3D printer operators. 


Our 2015 Census Includes a Reward From Sculpteo!

This blog is read by many thousands of people worldwide, but we really don’t know enough about you. With the help of 3D print service Sculpteo, we’d like to find out what you’re looking for from us. 


It’s A Thingiverse Survey

The P2P Foundation, who recently issued their annual 3D printing survey, have come up with another survey specifically to analyze Thingiverse.    Thingiverse has become


A 2013 3D Printing Survey

There’s a survey going on right now that everyone in the 3D printing space should fill out. It’s an annual survey on 3D printing usage


3D Printing Survey Results

You might recall we pointed you, dear readers, to a survey being undertaken by Create It Real? Now the results of said survey have been


A 3D Printing Survey For You

Danish 3D printing company Create It Real has opened up a survey specifically for 3D printer enthusiasts. They’re gathering information for, well, we don’t actually


CHART: Optimism for consumer-class 3D printers

A recent ENGINEERING.com survey revealed that our engineering and design readers are very optimistic about the future of the consumer-class 3D printers. But counter to

3D Printing Survey

We just noticed an online survey of 3D printing usage that readers may be interested in filling out.    Created by Spanish mechanical/product engineer JulioHCD,


The 3D Printing Survey Comes Alive

Readers may recall a widespread survey of the 3D printing industry was undertaken a short time ago. While we have already published our highlights of


3D Printing Community Survey Results

Some time ago we directed Fabbaloo readers to an academic survey of the 3D printing community sponsored by the P2P Foundation. Now, the results are

3D Printing Community Survey

Do you like surveys? Ok, some people don’t. But this one might be important. PeerProductions is running a survey dedicated to 3D printing and would


How Are Open Design Projects Organized?

Marvelous Onwukamike of TUHH, Hamburg University of Technology, is conducting a survey on the organization of open design projects. We felt that many Fabbaloo readers


Fabbaloo Survey Results

Readers may recall we issued a survey the other week, attempting to duplicate 3D Systems’ survey by using the same questions. The responses have slowed,

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