Xeni Jardin Tours TechShop

BoingBoingTV’s incomparable Xeni Jardin took an extensive tour of TechShop, interviewing founder Jim Newton and several on site users of TechShop. TechShop is a chain


Alternative to TechShop?

  TechShop is a very popular service for skilled manufacturing hobbyists who just don’t have the space or funds to own their own 21st century


Second Level Servicing

  “Second Level Servicing”? What’s that all about? Well, it goes like this: services like TechShop provide access to high-power fabrication equipment that anyone can


1,000 TechShops?

We’ve posted about TechShop before, but at a recent meetup in Portland, Oregon, visitors learned about TechShop’s plans for opening a new shop in that

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