Watch Out For 3D Print Financial Scams

Is the 3D printing community immune to email fraud? Most definitely not. We point out how scams could happen and what you can do about it.

$Automated DMCA Takedown

How To Protect Your 3D Design

Are you a 3D designer and have had your designs stolen? There is a service that might help automatically detect theft and issue takedown notices.


Counterpoint: Nobody Owns Their Ideas

We recently published an article based on a well-known artist’s experience in seeing her work stolen and sold without permission; now we’ve heard from another well-known artist who essentially says there’s no such thing as design theft.

$stealing 3D design files

It Should Be Obvious: Don’t Steal 3D Files

Designer Melissa Ng of Lumecluster recently saw her own design files for sale on a 3D design repository. The problem was she has never sold her files.


Are Your 3D Designs Being Stolen?

I’m reading a detailed post by Ars Technica on automated theft of AutoCAD designs, but is this also applicable to 3D print designs?

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