$nozzle removal tool

The ZCatch Nozzle Removal Tool

The ZCatch nozzle removal tool should be a tool found in every 3D printer operator’s toolbox.


Finally: A Nozzle Swap Tool

There’s a new Kickstarter project with a tool that many desktop 3D printer operators could use.

The Global Village Construction Set

Want to build a civilization? Sure, we all do. But now you can with the Global Village Construction Kit. It’s a set of tools you’ll

A1’s Subtractive UNIMAT Series

A1 Technology, sellers of a variety of additive 3D equipment including the low-cost BfB 3000 3D printer and RapMan 3D printer has introduced an entirely

3DFilter: Just a Small Box

  Many years ago you might recall the early days of web search, where there were several services competing to be the best search engine.

netfabb Studio 4.2

  Yes, it’s just been updated and available for download. netfabb is a lightweight Windows software tool specifically engineered for additive design. netfabb offers a

Hands-On Design. For Real!

  Josh at SolidSmack posts on a just-discovered video of a truly amazing development: using touch-screen multi-touch gestures to design a 3D model! The software

Make No Mistakes

One of the wonderful aspects of online services is the communities that form around them. These communities can not only share ideas, but sometimes they

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