Growing A 3D Printed Garden

Growing A 3D Printed Garden

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi delve into the charming world of gardening – with a 3D printing twist.


Free CAD Utility Recommendations Available

I’ve found a source with a ton of CAD utility recommendations that could make life easier for anyone using 3D CAD to create designs for 3D printing.

%The Best Jewelry Design Tools of 2019 - Jewelry Design Software

Question of the Week: Jewelry Design Software?

Jewelry design has never been easier. Find out how to use 3D printing software to design your own jewelry. Here are the best jewelry design tools in 2019.

#The Best Jewelry Design Tools of 2019 - Jewelry D

3D Print Learning Series: Concepts

This is an entry in our 3D Print Learning Series, focusing on 3D print concepts.


How To Create Unique Low-Poly Designs Using SelfCAD

If you’ve yet to get your CAD jabbers on SelfCAD, you can spin it up and start modeling in less time than it takes to juice a pack navel oranges with your elbows at your co-worker’s desk–Tis a fact.


Book of the Week: The Maker’s Field Guide

This week’s selection is “The Maker’s Field Guide: The Definitive Reference for the Professional Designer” by Christopher Armstrong.


The Desktop 3D Printer Toolkit

Those who own a personal 3D printer likely have a suite of instruments ready to be used with their printer. What instruments are essential?


Fixing 3D Models?

Most 3D models for 3D printing still use the now-aging STL format. That can cause problems. 

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