Selecting 3D Printing As Your College Major?

Selecting 3D Printing As Your College Major?

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi consider the rising availability and practicality of formal higher education in additive manufacturing.


Big Chemical Forces Rigid.ink To Pivot

What happens when the big guys move into 3D print materials? The smaller players must pivot; Rigid.ink is no longer selling filament!


Free Course on 3D Printing Technology

Deloitte University Press is offering an introductory course on 3D printing aimed at business and professionals. 


Design for Purpose

People who are new to personal 3D printing sometimes learn the hard way that you must design for purpose. 


3D Print and Design Workshop in Seattle

Wulf Design owner and 3D print blogger Larry James is offering a “3D Print & Design Workshop” on April the 24th, for any readers in the Seattle


Prism Engineering Training & Support

  You just can’t pick up an advanced 3D Modeling tool like SolidWorks or others and expect to be productive immediately. However, you can get

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