The Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

Ultimaker has long been regarded as one of the fastest and most reliable personal 3D printers. But it’s been quite a while since it was


Cura: An Unusual Slicer

3D Hacker has posted an interesting video interview with David Braam, the developer of Cura. What’s Cura? It’s a new 3D printing management program designed


Augmented Realty 3D Printing with UltimARker

Industrial Designer Joris van Tubergen and augmented reality artist Sander Veenhof have invented something we’ve not seen previously: a way to view your 3D printing


Win an Ultimaker 3D Printer from GrabCAD

If you have ideas for new toys on your brain, consider entering GrabCAD’s new “Ultimaker 3D Printer Toy Design Challenge”. Your entry could win you


The Massive Kamermaker 3D Printer

Unveiled this month, the Kamermaker 3D printer must be one of the largest RepRap-technology based devices yet.    How big is it? Let’s just say


All About Ultimaker

Jon Kalish digs deep into the history and motivation behind the development of the amazing Ultimaker 3D printer in a new Make magazine article. Ultimaker,


Ultimaker Operators Needed!

Fabbaloo was contacted by Manhattan-based radio reporter and podcast producer Jon Kalish, who enquired about our experience with the Ultimaker 3D printer. Unfortunately, we don’t


Ultimaker Breaks the Speed Limit

One of the annoying things about 3D printing is the length of time it takes to produce objects. Unlike a printed 2D page, which is

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