3D Printing Hiking Equipment

3D Printing Hiking Equipment

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata take a hike — with help from 3D printing.

Eight Ways 3D Printing Can Help Manufacturing

Eight Ways 3D Printing Can Help Manufacturing

With the recent spotlight on 3D printing as a result of the pandemic’s bump on supply chains, I listed some ways the technology can help manufacturers.

When 3D Printing Makes Sense For Serial Production

When 3D Printing Makes Sense For Serial Production

Many companies requiring thousands of components use 3D printing to perfect their design before moving to injection molding for production, but sometimes it makes sense to stick with additive manufacturing.

Reimagining The Supply Chain With Large-Format 3D Printing

Reimagining The Supply Chain With Large-Format 3D Printing

As the global supply chain is focusing on transitioning for better agility, large-format 3D printing from BigRep offers a few interesting ways to integrate advanced manufacturing throughout operations.


Ford vs. Ferrari: Using 3D Printing

Charles Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi consider how two prominent automotive firms, Ferrari and Ford, are using 3D printing.


3D Printing Disappearing Into Specialized Firms

The use of “3D Printing” is beginning to fade, at least with respect to application-focused 3D print services. As for the rest, we’ll find out what happens.


XJET Found A Niche In Ceramic Applications

XJET has found their way into a very interesting and profitable application niche for their powerful ceramic 3D printing technology.


The Importance and Potential of 3D Printing

3D printing has the potential to transform numerous industries. From medicine to automotive, many sectors have felt the benefits of this technology and what it can do.


Peak Testing For 3D Printed Parts

SolidEngineer CEO Björn Lindwall successfully scaled Mount Everest using 3D printed climbing gear and equipment, showing peak testing in real-world conditions.

$3D printed aircraft parts

3D Printing Final Aircraft Parts

Marshall Aerospace and Defense has revealed its use of 3D printing for prototype and final flight parts.


3D Bioprinters Are the Latest in a Line of Medical 3D Printers

3D printers have quickly changed from new technology to manufacturing miracle to household toy — you don’t need much more than a printer and a computer to create amazing 3D items from plastic, metal or even glass.


3D Printing May Foil Facial Recognition Systems

A piece in New Scientist describes how specially designed eyeglasses may be able to “confuse” digital face recognition systems. But could 3D printing do the same? 


Would You Trust A 3D Print With Your Life?

As 3D printed goods make their way into everyday life, one has to consider the question, “Would You Trust A 3D Print With Your Life?”


Push Vs. Pull 3D Printer Marketing

BEEVERYCREATIVE posted a tale of how their 3D printer is being used, and it illustrates a change in how 3D printers are marketed. 


A 3D Printer, Lying Around The Office…

There is an increasing number of 3D printers found across the world today, as they spread from factories to offices and workshops. But that’s the


3D Systems In USA Today

A great piece on 3D printing appeared recently in USA Today. While the piece says nothing we haven’t already known about here, there is something


3D Printing In Antarctica?

Hundreds of thousands of readers from an amazing 185 countries and territories have visited Fabbaloo since our inception in 2007, but only two visits have


Unfold Imagines Streetside 3D Printing

Several design firms specialize in doing amazing things with 3D printing and one of them is Belgium-based Unfold. Their new concept is streetside 3D printing.


Stamp Your Website!

  Recently we described Shapeways’ new rubber stamp service, where images are transformed by software and 3D printing into a custom rubber stamp. But now


Sony Ericsson’s 3D Printing Habits

  It seems there are new mobile phones every day, but exactly where do these new designs come from? The SolidWorks APAC Blog posts an


Keith Prints a Puck

   Keith’s Electronics Blog has a series of posts on the development of an “LED Puck”. What does it do? Special Purpose Lighting: Power goes


Shapeways on Rails

No, they’re not producing a magical 3D development framework with a ton of plugins. At least not that we know of. No, they’ve just joined


Better Than Cheap

  Intent Design, a UK-based design firm specializing in retail environments recently acquired a Z Corp ZPrinter 450. As readers will recall, the 450 is


You Can Put Spares In Your Pocket!

New Scientist reports on a medical breakthrough using 3D printing: exact replicas of finger bones have been produced. Christian Weinand of Berne Switzerland has been


3D Printing Wins the Race(s)

Two recent articles show the potential for custom designed objects in competitive racing. BMW’s F1 team uses several rapid prototyping techniques to create the unique


Rocks From 3D

After a few hints of 3D printing entering the jewelry manufacturing space, we bumped into an article from the All About Rocks blog. They say:


More’a Coraline

Last week we posted the inside details of how the popular movie Coraline was produced. The makers of the film shunned conventional CGI techniques and


Tape Wrangling

We’ve all struggled with a roll of packing tape, trying frantically to find the edge of the tape. Finally we realize we need one of


Entire House Produced on 3D Printer

The catch: it’s a home for a hermit crab. Yes, 3D printing has produced pre-fab replacement homes for “needy hermit crabs”. It’s actually not a


Jay Leno Wants A 3D Printer!

How mainstream is this? Late night host Jay Leno, one of the world’s most notable car fanatics. As the owner of very large number of


Print Your Baby!

  Most women would expect to proceed normally through their pregnancy, but perhaps a few 3D geek fathers would prefer to print their baby instead.


3D Printing on the High Seas

You might think you can’t seriously print an entire boat with current 3D printing tech, but Robotboat thinks otherwise. Their ingenious plan: print miniature robotically


Can You Print a Stadium?

  Yes you can, although it will be a touch smaller than you’d expect. That’s precisely what HOK Sport is doing. They are one of


Digital Stone Rises in China

We’ve seen examples of interesting uses previously, and here’s another one. Four sculptors were to build exhibits for the Digital Stone Exhibition in China. The


Print That Chopper!

Stratasys’s service division, RedEye RPM produced a rather eye-catching surprise at the recent Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas. Yes, it was a complete, life-size


Guitar Technology Fabbed

GooCart reports on a musical adventure involving his ’98 R8 honeyburst guitar and 3D printing. Evidently the pick guard did not fit, so he “scanned


Two Hours to Stargate!

Madox has done the impossible – building a real Stargate in less than two hours! Heh, it’s not a *real* Stargate, but it is a



Tipster Jean-François Allie points us at a couple of very interesting projects that exploit 3D fabbing in a way we hadn’t considered: ReFabbing! The idea

3D Systems

Individual Olympic Shoes Fabbed

3D Systems recently assisted Loughborough University in the UK to produce highly customized shoe soles for olympic athletes. Researchers observed that the margin of victory


A Jeweler’s First Time

MadeByDan reports on his first experience using 3D print technology. Ironically, it was not jewelry that came out of the printer, but instead o a


Sell Property With 3D

We know that architectural firms produce 3D printed models of their designs in order to sell the proposal to a client, but what about more

Equipping Your Lab Via 3D Fabbing

Plausible Accuracy proposes a question: Labs often require specialized or one-time parts, jigs or other components. Typically they are roughed together, sometimes “straight out of

Tiny 3D Trains

An intriguing discussion is taking place on Trainboard.com, a place for model railway engineers to discuss, well, model trains! User ppuinn asks, “Has anyone used


The Tooth Fabber

This one is so obvious we didn’t even think of it until mjarkiver wrote up his recent experience at the dentist. We’ve all been there


3D Yoyo

  “Have you ever made a Yoyo with a 3D printer”, asks bollweevil in this Yoyonation forum discussion. Yoyo enthusiasts know their yoyos, and many

Tactile Images

Valerie Belmonte, a photographer, bumped into a book containing tactile images – that is to say, images with raised relief. Tactile images can be used

3D Systems

Blind Man Sees!

An incredible story comes from 3D Systems, a 3D service bureau that we’ll have to review very soon. The University of Louisville’s Rapid Prototyping Center



We’ve all seen those amazing police sketch artists who transform vague witness accounts into highly realistic portraits, often featured in “WANTED” posters. More recently artists


A Different Kind of Prototyping

Gene Anzalone uses 3D printing in a slightly different way than we’ve seen before. He prints 3D objects as other engineers might. But then things


Generator X 2.0 Revisited

Remember back to early December? We posted about the GeneratorX 2.0 workshop, an exhibition of designer works who used various digital fabrication techniques to produce


Psychological Experiment Uses Fabbing

3D printing is being used to manufacture custom objects for psychological experiments. The shapes are of typical objects, but they are not robust enough for

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