More On The 3D Printer Hair Incident

We were able to view video footage of the 3D printing hair-caught incident from last week and have determined exactly how it occurred, and how to prevent it from happening again.


Big Chemical Forces Rigid.ink To Pivot

What happens when the big guys move into 3D print materials? The smaller players must pivot; Rigid.ink is no longer selling filament!

$Selecting a 3D Print Process

Choosing The Best 3D Printing Process

Need to select a 3D printing process for an additive manufacturing project? These videos explain the major differences between SLS, FDM, SLA, MJF and more.

3D Printing Nerd

Strengthen PLA Prints By Annealing

Many 3D printer operators are unaware of a technique for transforming materials into stronger versions: annealing.


Opening Eyes To Grander 3D Printing

I’ve been watching some 3D print videos from Fabbaloo friend Joel Telling, and realized something about how 3D print practices are changing.


YouTube: Empowering You and 3D Printing

Charles Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi examine the role of YouTube in empowering those interested in exploring 3D printing.


More On 3D Printed Repairs

Our earlier post on the feasibility of performing self-repairs with 3D printing generated some feedback.


Generating 3D Models from Video?

Have you heard of “continuous-time structure from motion”? You may hear a lot more soon. 


The 3DP365Project

If you’re wondering what Jeffrey Wright is doing today, he is 3D printing something. 


Free Course on 3D Printing Technology

Deloitte University Press is offering an introductory course on 3D printing aimed at business and professionals. 


A Peek Inside Shapeways

Shapeways just opened a new 3D print factory. Want to see inside? 


Tom’s Leveling Video

Thomas Sanladerer presents a video explaining how to level the bed on your 3D printer. 


The Zim 3D Personal Printer

It’s another week and obviously time for another new 3D printer launch on Kickstarter. This week the Zim 3D printer launched, hoping to raise funds


Coca Cola 3D Prints Mini-Me’s

Here’s an interesting marketing angle: Coca Cola Israel recently launched their new “mini bottle”. To promote it they offered a free 3D print of the


3D Printed Bullets?

A new video has surfaced of experiments with 3D printed bullets. The video, produced by popular gun video enthusiasts Taofledermaus, shows three actual firings of


Stratasys’s Finishing Secrets

Stratasys has released a video detailing some of their secret (well, maybe not so secret) finishing processes. The video shows various tumbling media machines that


3D Printed Steadicam

Have an idle 3D printer and a GoPro action cam? Why not build yourself your very own GoPro steadicam mount? An Instructables by member haqnmaq


3D Printing Basics Explained

Fabbaloo’s own General Fabb appears in a video produced by the Winnipeg Free Press. In the video our General introduces the concept of 3D printing


PBS On 3D Printing

PBS has produced a brief seven minute video providing an overview of 3D printing, including interviews with Solidoodle, Shapeways and Wired.    They cover the


Prehistoric 3D Printing Video

And now some 3D Printing history. This amazing historic TV clip originates with a show entitled, “Good Morning America” and is dated from 1989 –


Global TV Features 3D Printing

Chief Correspondent Carolyn Jarvis of Canada’s Global TV presented a very comprehensive look at today’s state of 3D printing on their current affairs show, “16×9”.


The Form 1, Live

At CES we spent some quality time with Formlabs Co-Founder Maxim Lobovsky. After we sorted out the bizarre food ordering procedure at a funky Japanese


Augmented 3D Printing

Architects have long used 3D printing as a means to better visualize their design ideas. By 3D printing a building you can “see” it much


BBC Newsnight Examines 3D Printing

This video from the BBC provides an introduction to 3D printing, including the process of being scanned and 3D printed. The video also considers the


MIB 3’s 3D Printed Weaponry

Did you ever wonder where the amazing weapons in the MIB movies come from? They are prototyped using 3D printing by Moddler, a custom 3D


3D Systems Brings LAIKA’s ParaNorman to Life

3D Systems Corporation’s ZPrinter 650 is the first ever full-color 3D printer used in a stop-motion animated film, ParaNorman, produced by Portland, Oregon based animation


The 3D Printing Survey Comes Alive

Readers may recall a widespread survey of the 3D printing industry was undertaken a short time ago. While we have already published our highlights of


3D Printer Releases at RAPID 2012

At the SME’s RAPID 2012 conference and exposition, four new 3D printers were announced by Objet, Mcor, envisionTEC and 3D Systems. These systems cover the


3D Printer Assisted Super Bowl Ads

We know that 3D printing was used extensively or partially in the production of several recent movies, including Iron Man and Coraline. But did you


3D Printing Video Controversy

A 3D printing video from National Geographic went viral on the interwebs last week and quickly generated some controversy among 3D printing enthusiasts.    In


The World’s Smallest Stop Motion Video

Nokia Cellscope: a very simple combination of a Nokia phone and a microscope, capable of seeing very small things at low cost. The idea is


MakerFaire Video

Take a look at a great video from the recent MakerFaire where:  Bre Prettis of MakerBot provides a brief explanation of their hobby 3D printer


MakerBot Introduction Video

Yeah, we keep talking about MakerBot. But this wonderful video introduces the MakerBot concept and how it arose from Maker Culture. There’s plenty of other

mainstream media

Prototek Manufacturing

CNBC and Fox Business News recently aired a segment of “21st Century Business” in which Prototek Sales Manager Dennis Rocheford explained a bit about his


Radiohead Data Becomes a Head!

About a year ago, Radiohead released a great video of “House of Cards”, much of which was singer Thom Yorke’s face and head illuminated by


The Metal Process – Revealed!

We found a great video from Shapeways that takes you through the entire process of producing a metal object. From initial printing in stainless steel


Pirillo on 3D Printing

New video shows tech maven Chris Pirillo explain 3D printing to his online audience. Pirillo explains the basics, from 3D modelling, scanning to layered deposition

mainstream media


The popular crime TV show, CSI: NY, recently featured a 3D printer in an episode. In this sequence, CSI Detective Mac Taylor in white lab


Model Factory Hiro Uses 3D Printing

  Model Factory Hiro, a Japanese maker of highly intricate model car kits makes good use of 3D printing technology in their development process. In



  We bumped into a great video detailing the operation of the new SOLIDO SD300 Desktop 3D Printer. The video shows all steps from design


New MCOR Video

  The mysterious paper-fed MCOR Matrix 3D printer has made its TV debut on the Irish Late Late Show in this 5 minute interview. The


Resistor Video

  A short video highlights the methods of NYC Resistor, a hacker group who’s goal, according to founder Bre Prettis is to: Figure stuff out


Hands-On Design. For Real!

  Josh at SolidSmack posts on a just-discovered video of a truly amazing development: using touch-screen multi-touch gestures to design a 3D model! The software


See It Now – 3D Printing on Paper!

  The unusual MCOR Matrix 3D Printer is now revealed in a video taken at a public exhibition in Dublin. MCOR informs us that this

fab at home

Fab@Home Video

  With all the buzz lately around MakerBot, RepRap and other kits, don’t forget about Fab@Home, one of the senior kit initiatives. We’ve found a


MakerBot at Google TechTalk

  Enjoy a great 35 minute video of Adam Meyer, one of the three founders of MakerBot, speaking at TechTalk. Adam provides a good overview


Swiss 3D Video

This video is from a rather interesting Swiss video program showing archeologists making good use of 3D print tech. They’re excavating an ancient Roman amphitheater


Introductory 3D Printing Videos

  Sweet Onion Creations is one of the smaller niche 3D printing services, specializing in architecture prints; they’ve been around about as long as any


RepRap Video

This wonderful video by Kyle Ronan shows a home-built RepRap printer in action. RepRap is an open source project that intends on providing the design


Giant Prototypes

The typical 3D printer of today has a rather small build chamber, usually 10 cm, give or take. The more expensive devices have somewhat larger


Desktop Factory Test Sample Video!

BadBrad is back at it, and this time he’s somehow managed to infiltrate the secret Desktop Factory laboratories to try out the highly anticipated, world’s


New 3D Printer Video

We just bumped into this fascinating video which takes us briefly through the entire lifecycle of a 3D print process. In this case, the goal


Alaris 30 Video

We’ve uncovered a video that demonstrates the new Objet Alaris 30 3D printer. We wrote about this amazing new device last week, but you must


We recently posted on the topic of “Programmable Matter” as a futuristic concept. Well, it *is* futuristic, but perhaps it’s a little bit closer than


More 3D Printing Videos

  We’ve uncovered some interesting 3D printing videos that demonstrate RepRap, Fab@Home and the Shapeways 3D print service, all on a single web page, thanks


Radiohead in 3D

  Band Radiohead has produced a video that makes extreme use of 3D modeling and scanning tools. The video “House of Cards” is entirely made


Xeni Jardin Tours TechShop

BoingBoingTV’s incomparable Xeni Jardin took an extensive tour of TechShop, interviewing founder Jim Newton and several on site users of TechShop. TechShop is a chain

HP On 3D Printing

GigaOm has posted an interesting video interview with Vyomesh Joshi, Executive Vice President of Imaging & Printing at HP. Joshi speaks of new twists in


3D Scanner from NextEngine

We’ve discussed the idea of having large libraries of 3D models in the future, so that we can quickly print out any required object. But


The Future of Personal Manufacturing

Platform Design has an interesting article and video on the topic of personal fabrication. Presenter Neil Gershenfeld speaks less on specific device and technologies, but


Bowyer Raps on Rep-Rap

At Poptech 2007 Adrian Bowyer presented concepts of machine reproduction, focusing on the open source project, RepRap. Yes, that’s correct: machines replicating themselves. RepRap is


Objet Videos

We seem to be hearing from Objet frequently lately. Just to keep up the trend, I’ve found a couple of interesting videos involving Objet printers,


Simon Wardley Speaks

Simon Wardley posts a 24 minute video of his talk from the September 2006 EuroOscon, in which he speculates about the affects of 3D printing

fab at home

Wall Street Journal Covers Fab@Home

The Wall Street Journal Online has published a new video that introduces the concept of personal fabbing. They focus on the MIT Fab@Home project (which


Build Your Own Fab

I Make Things is publishing four videos of weekend projects that will lead you to building your own RepRap 3D printer. The first episode covers

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