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3D Printing and the Law

We’re going to take a look at a few key ways in which the law can impact 3D printing.

$3D printing weapons

The Business/Ethical Quandary Of 3D Printing Weapons

Should 3D printing companies be taking a stance regarding the production of weapons? Companies like Materialise and Carbon are well known for their no-weapons policies; others welcome defense contracts.


Another Attempt to Trace 3D Prints

A report in Popular Mechanics describes research to identify the specific 3D printer used to print a given object.


Australia to Regulate 3D Printed Weapons?

The Australian Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee has recommended new legislation specifically to regulate 3D printed firearms. Should they do this? 


3D Printed Gun Maker Jailed

Yoshitomo Imura, a Japanese 3D printing ehthusiast, has been jailed for two years for manufacturing 3D printed guns. 


Extending the Ban on 3D Printed Weapons

A story in the Guardian describes the work by New York Senator Chuck Schumer to extend the ban on “undetectable guns” before it expires on


3D Printing Fears Jump the Shark

With the deployment of personal 3D printers to thousands of private homes, it was inevitable that some people would focus on the bad instead of


3D Printed Guns at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Readers may recall the controversy earlier this year when DEFCAD produced and electronically distributed digital 3D models for the first working, 3D printable weapons. While


The First Commercial 3D Printed Metal Gun Part

In the last year, 3D printed guns have, unsurprisingly, rather polarized the 3D printing community. While Defense Distributed’s Liberator gun project has been shut down,


It’s A 3D Printed Rifle

First it was a pistol, now it’s a rifle. Over the past year we’ve seen deeper and more complex experiments into the possibilities of 3D


Preventing 3D Gun Printing?

Create It Real announced they’ve developed a system for preventing 3D printing of firearms. The system apparently uses some kind of geometric detection to identify


I Will Not Print You A Gun!

The headline is not exactly what is said on a piece now appearing on Thingiverse. The “guns are bad” 3D model by Gecko is a


3D Printed Bullets?

A new video has surfaced of experiments with 3D printed bullets. The video, produced by popular gun video enthusiasts Taofledermaus, shows three actual firings of


Are 3D Printers Scary?

We’re reading a post by Shelly Palmer of Huffington Post entitled, “3D Printing is Way Scarier Than Plastic Guns”. Palmer describes the recent 3D printed


3D Printers: Banned?

That could be the outcome of a proposal from California state senator Leland Yee of San Francisco. Upon reviewing recent reports of 3D printable weapons,


A Word On 3D Printed Gun Safety

If you happened to download the 3D printed handgun models before the US government confiscated them, it may be time to remind you of safety


Defense Distributed’s 3D Printed Handgun

Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson wasn’t kidding when he said last week their team was working diligently on developing a design for a 3D printed handgun.


An Update from Defense Distributed

During our visit to New York City this week we heard directly from Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed on the latest progress they’ve had


“Print Me a Cruiser” : The Future of the US Fleet

According to the Navy publication Proceedings Magazine, “The 3D printing revolution will radically change naval construction.”   In the magazine’s most recent issue, Lt. Cheney-Peters


Point. Click. Gun.

A fascinating video detailing Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed initiative has been published by Motherboard: “Point. Click. Gun.”   In the 24 minute video Wilson takes


DEFCAD Gets Licensed

There’s news from DEFCAD, the commercial arm of WikiWeapons, who hope to provide the world (or at least the USA) with 3D printable models of


Defense Distributed Defends Itself

If you’ve been following 3D printing recently, you have surely heard of Defense Distributed, a controversial non-profit initiative to create printable 3D models of gun


Al-Jazeera On 3D Printed Guns

A video report on Al-Jazeera explores the 3D printed gun scenario. While we’ve written (probably too much) on this topic, Al Jazeera’s Phil Lavelle points


3D Printed Gun: Mission Accomplished?

Ars Technica spent some time with Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson examining the latest version of DefDist’s 3D printed gun. Actually the gun is not 3D


3D Printers and Airport Security

Just as you are, we’re getting tired of speculative propositions on the prospect of 3D printed weapons and try not to post on it, but


More Thoughts on 3D Printed Weaponry

We’ve been reading two pieces on the topic of 3D printed guns, one by Reason.com and the other from Design News.    For those who


The Most Dangerous Person in 3D Printing

Wired has named their list of the “15 Most Dangerous People In The World”. The list includes some certainly dangerous types, such as Joaquin “El


Congress To Ban 3D Printed Weapons?

US Representative Steve Israel of Long Island, NY proposes an extension to a law banning “undetectable weapons”, due to his fears of widespread 3D printed


More 3D Gun Printing Controversy

This topic just won’t go away. Last week 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys revoked the 3D printer lease of Defense Distributed, a team intent on producing


MIB 3’s 3D Printed Weaponry

Did you ever wonder where the amazing weapons in the MIB movies come from? They are prototyped using 3D printing by Moddler, a custom 3D


3D Printed Weapons: The Aftermath

Inevitably, controversy erupted upon the revelation that 3D printing weapons is actually feasible. Let’s have a look at the implications.    First, what changes with


3D Printed Weaponry Now Functional

Another first for 3D printing: A pistol constructed from 3D printed parts has been successfully fired.    The gun design was an AR-15, a “a lightweight,


3D Printed Crime

PC World takes a very deep look at some of the criminal possibilities of 3D printing in a recent article. We’ve been quite concerned about

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