A Look at MakerOS V2

A Look At MakerOS V2

I had a chat with the friendly folks at MakerOS to learn about their new “V2” software.

Digitizing the Industrial Workforce with Innovapptive

Digitizing the Industrial Workforce with Innovapptive

Innovapptive Inc., a Houston-based digital transformation provider, strives to connect machines, methods and workflows seamlessly with industrial managers, supervisors and workers.


MakerOS Announces “PAQ”

MakerOS announced a new feature for their integrated manufacturing management service: PAQ. We describe how it works.


Stratasys Introduces “GrabCAD Shop”

Stratasys introduced GrabCAD Shop, a new service to streamline workflow for internal enterprise 3D print competency centers.


TRACE: Traceability In 3D Printing

As 3D printing continues to industrialize, quality management and traceability are increasingly in focus — and that’s just what TRACE software offers.

3D Systems

The Digital Workflow Gets a Bridge

Many companies wish getting a part made was easy as plugging a computer to a 3D printer and pushing a button. 

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