3D Systems

3D Systems Rebrands Their Color 3D Printers

After 3D Systems’ acquisition of ZCorp, they found themselves owners of the Zprinter line of the only full-color 3D printers available. These machines continued to

3D Systems

The ZPrinter 850 is Announced

3D Systems and their recent acquisition, ZCorp, announced the availability of their most gigantic 3D printer yet, the ZPrinter 850. The 850 is capable of

3D Systems

Massive News: 3D Systems Acquires ZCorp!

In an almost unbelievable announcement today, 3D Systems has apparently acquired ZCorp, one of their major competitors. In addition to ZCorp, 3D Systems also picked


ZCorp’s On This Old House

If you’re watching the perennial PBS TV series “This Old House” you might see a 3D printed house in a couple of their October episodes.


My Robot Nation is Coming

Design News tells of a not-quite-opened 3D printing service: My Robot Nation. It’s a joint venture between ZCorp, Kodama Studios and Offload Studios (one of


David Kaplan Reveals the Wrench Truth

The other week controversy erupted when National Geographic published a short video in which physicist David Kaplan visited ZCorp HQ and apparently witnessed the incredible


ZCorp Ships 6,000th 3D Printer

We don’t know a lot about 3D printer manufacturer ZCorp’s financial results, as they are not publicly traded. But there is evidence they’re having as


ZCorp Questions Open Source Printers

A post from Olimpio DeMarco, VP of Research and Development at ZCorp questioned the possibility of using open source 3D printers for business use. He


ZCorp Chases HP?

Perhaps shocked by HP’s recent entry into the low-cost commercial 3D Printer market, ZCorp has released two new models that are very inexpensive. The ZPrinter


ZBuilder Ultra Introduced

It’s a brand new, lower-cost option from ZCorp for building objects – but it uses a very different approach. It’s not like their 3D printers,


The Sculpteo 3D Printing Service

A new European 3D print service has emerged: Sculpteo. This friendly service appears to compete with Shapeways, as it offers not only a straightforward method


An Introduction to 3D Printing

Anthony Lockwood of Desktop Engineering writes a review of a white paper from ZCorp that explains in 2D print form the entire process of 3D


Matt is BetaMaterialised

Matt Sinclair of We Dont Do Retro writes of his experience using the beta 3D printing service from Materialise, called “i.materialise”. The beta service proudly


Robert Geshlider’s Works

Robert Geshlider is a San Francisco-based artist that makes great use of 3D printers for his works. They are abstract and can be found from


ZCorp Goes Monochrome!

If the motion picture industry changed from color to black and white, we’d be concerned. The same would be true for ZCorp if they dropped


ZCorp Translates

  ZCorp just launched a new version of their website – in Russian! If you happen to be able to read Russian, you might want


From 3D, Comes Infinium!

  The University of Michigan has spent more than USD$1M to produce the above pictured Infinium solar car, which is to take part in the

From Hands to Model

ZCorp, one of the leading 3D Printer manufacturers, also makes and markets 3D Scanners, such as the ZScanner 800 shown above. In a recent article

Cisco 3D’s 10 Times Weekly

We all know that designers are more frequently found using 3D printers today, but there’s a wonderful article in TCT Magazine describing Cisco’s experience. Cisco,


3D Printing Really Is Less Expensive

  ZCorp issued a press release describing the experience of Converse, the footwear manufacturer using ZCorp technology in their design process. The interesting bit is


ZCorp Gets Harder

New material is now available from one of the most popular 3D printer manufacturers: ZCorp. They recently released zp150, a “premium composite build material” that


ZCorp’s Good, Bad and Ugly

  Desmoda tells all in a recent expose of his experiences using ZCorp 3D printers over the past few years. While ZCorp’s devices are praised



  ZCorp, the makers of that very popular line of 3D Printers, does more than just that – they also make 3D scanners. While the



Z Corp has taken another step to integrate its equipment into the personal manufacturing cycle. Recently they struck a deal with Bentley software to link


Can You Print a Stadium?

  Yes you can, although it will be a touch smaller than you’d expect. That’s precisely what HOK Sport is doing. They are one of


Z Corporation Leads the Way

You might not be familiar with “Project Lead The Way”, but it’s a: not-for-profit organization that promotes pre-engineering courses for middle and high school students.

press release

Z Corp Engages Bentley

Z Corp announced a special arrangement with Bentley, makers of various products related to building, construction and architecture. Bentley’s software is used by a majority


Z Corp 650 Announced!

Z Corp has reacted to the Objet Alaris 30 announcement with one of their own: the shiny, new ZPrinter 650! Here are the highlights we

We’re Not Big Enough!

The 3D Print market is clearly at a very early stage of development. As such, there are fewer buyers than in a mature market. This

Z Corp is the Fastest!

The fastest 3D Printer? Perhaps, perhaps not. But they are evidently one of the “fastest growing companies” in America, according to Inc.com, a very popular

Z-Corp Spreads

Z-Corp, makers of the very popular Z-Corp 3D printers used by many 3D print services, recently announced they have struck a deal with EDST, the

What Z-Corp Ink is Made Of

We’ve been following a thread in the reprap forums that discusses the composition of inks, started by a post linking to two UK Material Safety

ZCorp Expands

One of the most popular makers of 3D Printers, ZCorp is expanding. They’ve announced two developments: A new Vice President of Global Sales A new


Timberland is 3D

Timberland, the makers of fine footwear had a problem. Their traditional product development process involved using 2D designs for 3D objects. That may sound crazy,


An Ideal Service?

Perhaps, but that’s what they are really called: Ideal. Actually Ideal is first and foremost a reseller of a very wide array of 2D scanners,


Z Corp and DeskArtes

Recently we were totally impressed with the amazing new ZEdit Pro software from Z Corp, which provides a variety of 3D printing optimizations in addition


Local Motors Chooses a Printer

A great post from Mike Pisani of Local Motors details their experience in selecting a 3D Printer. In the end they chose a Z Corp


ZEdit Unleashed

The big news this week was Z Corp’s announcement of new software: ZEdit Pro, which is used to develop 3D designs suitable for printing on


Zapped by ZapFab!

A tipster put us onto a new 3D print service: ZapFab. This Manchester, UK-based business is a bit different than your run-of-the-mill “send us your

3D Printing Assists Cardiac Procedure

As usual, inventive minds are developing innovative uses for 3D printing. This time European medical technicians developed an “anatomically correct 3D rapid prototyping model” of


AlphaPrototypes Service

We’ve uncovered yet another Rapid Prototyping 3D Print service: AlphaPrototypes. This west coast USA-based firm provides a simple way to upload your .STL files and


3D Science Fiction

Wouldn’t anyone like a boss like Phillip Torrone’s? The drafter had access to a Spectrum Z510 3D Printer at work, and his boss let him


ZCorp ZPrinter 450 Named Revolutionary

Entrepreneur.com has named ZCorp‘s ZPrinter 450 as one of their 15 “revolutionary inventions of 2007”. Alongside the 450 were such notables as the iPhone, Amazon’s

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