The Big Moments in 2014 for 3D Printing

This past year was the biggest in 3D printing history with several notable trends. 

Do You 3D Print in HIPS? Perhaps You Should!

FormFutura announced a new line of 3D printer filaments that could prove very useful to personal 3D printer operators. 

Prodways’ Viscous Solution

Prodways, the company that made a massive high-resolution DLP 3D printer, now has a viscous material printer. 

Crazy New 3D Printing Filaments Available

We noticed several rather unusual 3D printing filaments are now available for you to try out. 

Keyence Steps Towards Worldwide 3D Printer Sales

Keyence took a big step towards worldwide sales recently by launching their product outside of Japan. 

An Update on Arcam’s 3D Metal Printing Progress

One of the key metal 3D printing vendors is Arcam. How have they been doing lately?

XYZPrinting Update

We spent some time discussing the state of the universe with XYZPrinting. 

See Autodesk’s Ember 3D Printer In Action

A video of Autodesk’s new high-resolution 3D printer has been released. 

Design of the Week: Dragon Doorhandles

This week’s selection is the frightening Dragon Doorhandle by Kai Bracher. 

Can Small 3D Print Services Survive?

It seems there are an awful lot of 3D print services available today - but can they all survive?

Design for Purpose

People who are new to personal 3D printing sometimes learn the hard way that you must design for purpose. 

3DCeram’s Ceramic 3D Printing Solutions

The CERAMAKER 3D printers from 3DCeram are able to print ceramic components. 

Win An Ultimaker From YouMagine and Change The World

YouMagine has opened an unusual 3D printing challenge, with the prize being an Ultimaker Original. 

Solidoodle’s Shipping Challenges

Solidoodle announced some terrific new machines earlier this year, but shipping them has proven difficult. 

3D Printing Gives Derby the Dog a New Lease on Life

3D Systems has announced that it has successfully outfitted Derby the dog with 3D printed prosthetics, allowing him to run down the street for the first time ever. 

A Solution to Corrupted Filament?

One 3D printer owner has devised a simple method of solving the “wet filament” problem.

The Quant 3D Q1000 3D Printer

A new industrial 3D printer from OK International and partner Tiertime could shake things up in company labs.

Few Limits to 3D Print Size

A project by Poland’s Fucco Design created replicas of large church figurines in wood. 

No Proprietary Filament From MakerBot Expected

With many people wondering whether MakerBot is moving towards a proprietary filament solution, we went to the top to get answers. 

inbu’s 3D Modeling Approach

A UK-based service offers a way to transform an idea into a printed 3D model. This is the way it's going to be for quite a while.