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3D Printed Underwear?

A UK firm has revealed plans to produce a line of apparently 3D printed underwear. Tamicare has developed a new process that is said to enable 3D printed fabric, which they intend to produce underwear with, at least at first.    The fabric generated through this process is trademarked as “CosyFlex”. It’s not entirely clear… Continue reading 3D Printed Underwear?

The Fashion Show at 3D Printshow 2013

Unaccustomed to attending any fashion show, let alone a 3D printed show, we were surprised and perhaps even shocked to see startling works displayed on the runway by professional models.    The works ranged from simple accessories, such as bangles or necklaces, to highly complex headdresses and apparel that defied description. We noted audience members… Continue reading The Fashion Show at 3D Printshow 2013

7 Success Factors For Your 3D Print Business

We recently listed three types of 3D print businesses you probably shouldn’t try to launch, but we thought we’d list some factors that we believe could make your 3D print business venture a lot more successful.    Uniqueness. You can’t do the same thing as other companies; you must offer something different and unique to… Continue reading 7 Success Factors For Your 3D Print Business

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Leopoly is another web-based 3D sculpting tool that can create 3D printable objects.    What makes Leopoly unique? We think it is quite easy to use; almost anyone could rapidly create interesting 3D objects with no prior use of the tool. It’s basically self-explanatory: the controls are all within a command wheel composed of easy… Continue reading Leopoly!

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The Amazing 3D Printed Designs of Rob Elford

We’ve been perusing the works of UK-based artist Rob Elford, who specializes in wearable 3D printed items. Any one of his works could easily qualify for our Design of the Week feature, but we felt it necessary to show his new collection, “Ephemeral Delusions in a Motionless State”. Elford says:    The inspiration for Ephemeral… Continue reading The Amazing 3D Printed Designs of Rob Elford

You Can Help Make 3D-Rex

A new Kickstarter project from Namisu proposes to produce a series of geometric mesh Tyrannosaurus Rex heads using 3D printing. The Namisu project team behind 3D-REX, four folks from Spain and the UK, view 3D-REX as their first of many similar decorative 3D art projects. They say:    Through the 3D-REX project we wanted to… Continue reading You Can Help Make 3D-Rex

Joy Division’s Famous Cover is 3D Printed

The iconic cover for Joy Division’s 1979 hit album Unknown Pleasures has been 3D printed. German designer Michael Zoellner wanted to print Peter Saville’s design, which was based on an extra-terrestrial pulsar signal. Unfortunately, he ran into trouble right away:    I could not find a single vector graphic or 3D model anywhere. There are… Continue reading Joy Division’s Famous Cover is 3D Printed

How 3D Printing Saved His Face

Eric Moger of the UK recovered from surgery to remove a tennis ball-sized tumor from under this skin of the left side of his face. Unfortunately, a large portion of his face had to be removed during the surgery, rendering him significantly disfigured.    All was not lost for Moger, as technicians were able to… Continue reading How 3D Printing Saved His Face

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Open3DP Gets Gummi

Those researchers at the University of Washington took a break from casting ceramics, glass and other inedible substances to experiment instead with more tasty material using “food friendly molds”.    Unfortunately their choice for shape was, um, themselves! They carefully captured full-body scans using a Microsoft Kinect and designed a negative mold and 3D printed… Continue reading Open3DP Gets Gummi

Cubify’s AppCreate

Over the past few months we’ve noticed that 3D Systems has relentlessly built features in Cubify to provide generative models to print on their (and other’s) personal 3D printers. You can quickly get a customized 3D model of rings, pictures, bracelets, space aliens, earrings, crowns and probably a few more things after we’ve written this… Continue reading Cubify’s AppCreate

Design Of The Week: Albert Einstein Wall

This week’s selection was observed at CES at the Sculpteo booth. We didn’t manage to find the official title of this work, nor the associated artist, but nevertheless, we think it’s very cool.    It’s a rather large wall composed entirely of 3D printed iPhone cases, each with slightly altered visual characteristics, gradually building up… Continue reading Design Of The Week: Albert Einstein Wall

Top Posts of 2012

It’s always fascinating to learn which posts were the most frequently read among the hundreds we posted during the past year. They’re typically not necessarily the top stories, but nevertheless they provide some insight into readers’ interests.   MCOR To Offer 3D Printing At Staples To abruptly retract our earlier statement, this most frequently read… Continue reading Top Posts of 2012

A Year in Review: Top Ten Stories in 3D Printing

2012 has been an exciting year in the 3D printing world and we’re excited to share with you the top ten stories.    Staples launching “Staples Easy 3D” in 2013 In partnership with Mcor Technologies, Staples will be offering a new service to their customers enabling them to upload their designs and pick up their… Continue reading A Year in Review: Top Ten Stories in 3D Printing

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Three 3D Printing Trends in 2012

Many things happened in 2012 within the world of 3D printing, particularly for home users. But what overall trends emerged? We noticed three trends that seemed to flavor 2012.    Me Too! We actually lost track of the numerous plastic extrusion-based personal 3D printers that were announced in 2012. At one point they were appearing… Continue reading Three 3D Printing Trends in 2012

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De-Extincting a Mollusk

3D printing is an amazing process, not only to simply watch a print appear from thin air, but also for the things it makes possible. We’re reading how a species of mollusk, the multiplacophoran Protobalanus spinicoronatus, extinct for 390 million years has been re-created using 3D printing.    Researchers at the Jackson School of Geosciences… Continue reading De-Extincting a Mollusk

Design of the Week: The Bloom Table Lamp

This week’s selected design is Patrick Jouin’s incredible Bloom table lamp. What makes it so interesting? It’s based on the mechanics of an actual flower: to emit more light, the lampshade opens as a flower does when exposed to light.    The piece is actually 3D printed as a single unit, including hinges for the… Continue reading Design of the Week: The Bloom Table Lamp

Cubify’s Rings and Earrings

Cubify has been very busy lately. They’ve introduced a way to “design and personalize your own rings” very soon after launching a similar method for producing customized earrings.    Both cubify “apps” work similarly: select various physical features of rings or earrings. The apps include a very wide variety of preselected shapes and icons, as… Continue reading Cubify’s Rings and Earrings

Water Cooled Extruder?

RepRap researchers have been experimenting with a unique water cooled extruder design. Cooling your extruder is important to ensure that the heat from the hot end that melts the plastic printing material doesn’t creep up into the rest of the mechanism, where you risk frozen plastic in the wrong places that gum up the works. … Continue reading Water Cooled Extruder?

3D Printed Design Awards In Barcelona

Barcelona’s Association of Industrial Design has selected several student projects for Student Industrial Design Awards at the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and we had to show them to you because, well they’re amazing!    The winning entry was designed by student Marion Frei, who came up with a unique “Vinculum” system for identifying… Continue reading 3D Printed Design Awards In Barcelona

The Hamburger Shoe

People always get excited about 3D printed food in spite of the fact there are precious few ways to do so. While we await the development of a consumer food printer, others continue to experiment. Shapeways reports on a great experiment in which their member Tristan Bethe 3D scanned his shoe, 3D printed a slightly… Continue reading The Hamburger Shoe

What is OHANDA?

OHANDA is the Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance, an initiative that has developed “Four Freedoms” that can be associated with an open design to ensure proper open source use. Their idea is to create an icon that may be displayed on hardware to indicate the permitted usage, similar to a “CC” license in a… Continue reading What is OHANDA?

Mass Customization is On The List

The Churchill Club is “Silicon Valley’s premier business and technology forum”, with some 6,500 members including many notable tech CEOs. Each year they host a discussion in which panelists attempt to predict the top tech trends for the next few years. This year’s event, apparently the 13th annual, included panelists:   Curt Carlson, President and… Continue reading Mass Customization is On The List

Shapeways Pops!

Shapeways has introduced yet another way to produce 3D models you can print with their  3D printservice: Image Popper. How does it work? Very simply: you upload a 2D image and then “raise” it to the desired depth.    If this sounds too simple to produce useful models, you’d be wrong. In our experience, one… Continue reading Shapeways Pops!

MCOR Establishes US Base

3D Paper printer manufacturer has crossed the ocean to set up an American office for the first time. Up til now the company has operated solely in Europe, but expansion was always their plan. The new office, located in San Jose, Calif, will be the base from which they’ll launch into the US market. Of… Continue reading MCOR Establishes US Base

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MCOR Nominated For Award

MCOR, manufacturers of the paper-based Matrix 300 3D Printer have been nominated for the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG)/Irish Times technology company award. This will be the fourth annual award of this type, which honours Irish technology companies. The ITLG is a group of senior Irish-American tech execs from the US, who organized a “Silicon… Continue reading MCOR Nominated For Award

Natural 3D Printing

Ponoko posted of a wonderful story about Sydney-based lighting company SandFlora’s experience designing a beautiful lamp. The interesting part was the inspiration: nature. In fact, this line of lamp was inspired by the intricate Waratah flower, native to Australia.     The lamp was of course 3D printed and looks amazing.    Our interest, as was… Continue reading Natural 3D Printing

More On Copy Protecting Objects

Last week we wrote on how a Thingiverse user had submitted a set of pieces suitable for playing The Settlers of Catan game, and contemplated the legality of this move. Another view comes from website Public Knowledge, who have taken the time to analyze this a bit deeper. Their approach was to examine each of… Continue reading More On Copy Protecting Objects

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Inventables – Materials for Inventors

We’re taking another look at maker material store Inventables, which we wrote about a year ago. At the Inventables hardware store, you won’t find very much that you could put through your 3D printer. Plastic filament is best purchased elsewhere. However, sheer amount of truly amazing materials available at Inventables is staggering.    While we… Continue reading Inventables – Materials for Inventors

Ultra-Micro 3D Printing

We’ve been examining the work of EoPlex, a manufacturer that uses a proprietary 3D print technology to produce astonishingly tiny devices and structures, typically for electronics packaging. The EoPlex “basic design rules” state:   Minimum object length of a mere 1mm, with a maximum of 200mm Feature size as low as 25 microns Layer size… Continue reading Ultra-Micro 3D Printing

3D Printing in Multiple Materials – at Home

There are many differences between commercial 3D printers and hobbyist equivalents, including build quality, size, ability to print in color, etc., but now there’s one item that might be crossed off the list: the ability to print in more than one material.    The RepRap team are working on a “head changer” that would enable… Continue reading 3D Printing in Multiple Materials – at Home

Sampling Solido

Fabbaloo managed to lay our hands on a sample 3D print from Solido, one of the major commercial 3D printer manufacturers. The print, in the image above, is a palm-sized horse. We were very impressed with the strength of the object – it’s quite stiff to handle, and according to Solido’s website, prints are suitable… Continue reading Sampling Solido

Possessions are Over!

Writer Bruce Sterling fantasizes a new flat near Old Street Station in London. Apparently he’s a bit short on facilities right now: As yet, I possess no stove, no toilet, no bathtub and and no bed. In fact, there are no physical objects in my flat whatsoever, except for my two roll-aboard suitcases, this Taiwanese… Continue reading Possessions are Over!

Medical 3D is Contagious

Objet’s 3D printers seem to be taking hold in various medical applications, according to information passed our way. Here are four interesting approaches: Biorep Technologies creates tools for diabetes researchers and has created a “Pinch Valve” for indexing fluids and avoiding contamination of equipment and fluids, as well as a silicone membrane petri dish Arch… Continue reading Medical 3D is Contagious

Designers: Needed or Not?

We’re written on this topic before, where the proposition goes something like this: 3D printing devices and technology become widespread; either they’re installed in homes or are in easily usable nearby service centers Consumers use the devices and begin designing their own models. But, they’re 3D laymen The need for designers begins to dry up.… Continue reading Designers: Needed or Not?

3D Print War Rocket is Fail

  Hydra’s Lair is the blog of Matt Beauchamp, an art teacher with “a passion for collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures.” He’s been working on miniatures for a pulp sci-fi game, “War Rocket”. But unfortunately this happened:   Since the War Rocket ships are smooth and lack the ‘greeble’ of Star Wars style ships,… Continue reading 3D Print War Rocket is Fail

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Electric Light Shoe

Freedom of Creation is at it again – this time creating an astonishing 3D shoe for a Japanese marketing campaign. The project was quite complex, as one can see from the incredible detail in the shoe object. From the press release: After seeing the concept from StawberryFrog, Janne Kyttanen and Mads Thomsen conceived a microcosm… Continue reading Electric Light Shoe

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Printable Computers?

HowStuffWorks has an interesting article describing methods of “printing computers”. Now you’d think at first this is simply printing out the semiconductor chips, but the article describes how MIT and others are attempting to use 3D printing to print the rest of the computer as well! So far MIT has managed to print thermal actuators,… Continue reading Printable Computers?

3D Trendwatching

Trendwatching.com has selected Desktop Fabbing (or as they call it, “Make It Yourself”, MIY) as one of their eight Important Consumer Trends to Watch in 2008. They mention the several 3D printing or fabbing services such as Ponoko and of course the omnipresent yet-to-be-seen-in-the-wild DesktopFactory USD$5000 desktop fab. Along with “MIY”, the seven other consumer… Continue reading 3D Trendwatching