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3DVIX: Economical 3D Print Services

We’re looking at a new 3D print service, 3DVIX. Yes, we know there are already many existing 3D print services, but 3DVIX hopes to do things a little differently. 

The Revolution Will Be 3D Printed

Interested in learning the basics of what’s happening in the 3D printing world today? You could read our blog, but if you have only 54 minutes, we found a podcast that tells the story. 

Skanect 1.6 Released

One of the most powerful and accessible 3D scanning tools just got a little better. Skanect has released version 1.6 with some interesting new features. 

3D Printing’s Fascination With Vases

What’s the most frequently produced item on personal 3D printers? We don’t know – and probably no one knows – but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was Vases. 

Five Years Ago In 3D Printing

We’ve been writing Fabbaloo for quite a few years now. So long that it’s time to take a look back to examine the prehistoric world of 3D printing of five years ago. 

Bhold’s Boutique 3D Prints

3D printers may permit the creation of almost any object, but what object? The key to success is now good design, such as we found in Bhold’s collection. 

Bow & Drape’s 3D Printing Venture

According to a report in the Wall St. Journal, New York startup Bow & Drape has raised USD$1.2M in new investment, specifically for developing new lines of customized fashion accessories using 3D printing. 

Fabulous Cosmo 3D Scans Released

Fabbaloo friend Cosmo Wenman, the fellow who produces incredibly detailed 3D models from scanned museum pieces, has released new sculptures. The two new releases are among the most famous statues in the world: the Venus de Milo and Winged Victory of Samothrace.    Wenman did not actually scan the actual pieces, but instead scanned highly… Continue reading Fabulous Cosmo 3D Scans Released


Yet another 3D print making-sharing-selling site has launched, Let’sMakeStuff.    The site provides an ability for designers to sign up and submit 3D models for sale on the site, and for consumers to browse the site and select 3D models for purchase. The service also will 3D print items on request.    It’s a basic… Continue reading Let’sMakeStuff

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Design of the Week: Dequan Li Attractor

This week’s selection is the very beautiful Dequan Li Attractor by programmer and artist Nicolas Serouart.   The design is entirely mathematically generated and presents a beautiful sweeping shape, as if the complex motion was captured in an instant.    We’re not certain of the tools Serouart used to create this incredible shape, but he… Continue reading Design of the Week: Dequan Li Attractor

Patent Issued for Digital Manufacturing

After years of process, US patent number 8,515,826 has been issued to Bryan Norman of KraftWurx fame. While there are billions of patents appearing, many of which are related to 3D printing, this one bears mentioning. Here’s the abstract of the patent:    Methods and systems for designing and producing a three-dimensional object selection of… Continue reading Patent Issued for Digital Manufacturing

Design of the Week: Grmpff

This week’s selection is “Grmpff” by German-based designer Kai Bracher.    The piece is entirely ornamental, displaying a figure exerting strong force on a sack, which is apparently pinned down by a wall peg. In reality, of course, the figure simply slides onto the peg. You can also apply a magnet to the base for… Continue reading Design of the Week: Grmpff

Design of the Week: Super Mario Mobius Strip

This week’s selection is the Super Mario Mobius Strip, by Shapeways creator Joaquin Baldwin.    While endless, one-sided Mobius strips are fascinating unto themselves, Baldwin has made this one even more interesting by infusing Super Mario culture on its surface. The entire level 1 scenario is included on the strip. He says:    All the… Continue reading Design of the Week: Super Mario Mobius Strip

Design of the Week: Alien Ball Bearing

This week’s selection is the Alien Ball Bearing by Thingiverse creator Steve Medwin.     This bizarre shape actually functions, slightly. Medwin says:    This thing has five independent balls that roll around inside the organic ring. It reminds me of an alien version of a ball bearing, even though the inside doesn’t roll separately from… Continue reading Design of the Week: Alien Ball Bearing

Over The Top: The World’s Biggest Rubik’s Cube is 3D Printed

We’ve been reviewing the accomplishments of puzzle makers who have made the leap into 3D printed designs and found, quite literally, the world’s biggest Rubik’s cube.    3D printing unleashes the imagination of designers, permitting ideas to become reality. One particular creation industry has strongly latched onto this capability: puzzle making.     Master puzzle… Continue reading Over The Top: The World’s Biggest Rubik’s Cube is 3D Printed

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Puzzle Complexity Rises With 3D Printing

3D printing technology has begun to change many industries and even individual lives, but one area we hadn’t considered was the making of 3D puzzles. A piece on GigaOM details the journey of two master puzzle makers into the modern 3D world.    Traditional puzzle making involved time-consuming hand carving and construction, limiting the number… Continue reading Puzzle Complexity Rises With 3D Printing

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Virtox’s Adjustable Quark Jewelry

We’re looking at Virtox’s Quark Jewelry as shown on their MixeeLabs page. While it appears to be merely 3D prints for a geometric jewelry piece, there’s more to the story. It’s highly adjustable.    This is a perfect example of the flexibility of mathematical design. By hitting the “Explore” tab, you’ll see a number of… Continue reading Virtox’s Adjustable Quark Jewelry

Figulo Prints Ceramics

There is no shortage of 3D print services these days. Some are large, some are small, but virtually all of them have a strategy of expanding their scope as wide as possible.    Consider Shapeways, who have the peculiar habit of adding new materials almost weekly, or Kraftwurx, who offer over 100 different materials.  … Continue reading Figulo Prints Ceramics

3D Printing Price Check Update

What is 3DPrintingPriceCheck? It does exactly that. Jonas Neubert, creator of the online service, just released a significant update to the service, which now includes STL upload, instant quotes from some 3D print services, more materials and even lead time estimates.    The service makes shopping for the best deal easy. You simply drag and… Continue reading 3D Printing Price Check Update

Sad Keanu: A 3D Printed Meme

In 2010 paparazzi snapped a pic of actor Keanu Reeves sitting on a bench and looking a bit dejected. The image quickly exploded into an internet meme, generating thousands of images, captions and sites dedicated to the concept.    The meme continues. Shapeways creator neuralfirings developed a 3D model of the Keanu pose and offered… Continue reading Sad Keanu: A 3D Printed Meme

Design of the Week: Hyphae Lamps

This week’s selection is Nervous Systems’ Hyphae Lamp collection. Nervous System is well known for producing startling  designs using generative 3D modeling techniques.    The Hyphae Lamp collection is a set of 13 unique lamp designs created using these techniques, but inspired by nature. They say:    The Hyphae lamp is a series of organic… Continue reading Design of the Week: Hyphae Lamps

Intricate 3D Printed Mobiles

Everyone loves mobiles – those delicately balanced sculptures that hang and swing. Artist Marco Mahler, in collaboration with fellow artist Henry Segerman, has released a collection of 3D printed mobiles this week that we find fascinating for several reasons.    First, Mahler explains that:    After an extensive Google search, it appears that these are… Continue reading Intricate 3D Printed Mobiles

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Fabbing in Russia and Ukraine

3D printing exists almost everywhere in the world. Our blog receives visits from hundreds of countries, so it’s no surprise to find 3D printing activity in Ukraine and Russia. We came across Stereolia, who provide 3D printing services from the Ukraine and serving Russia.    Stereolia operates a 3D print shop, where designers can upload… Continue reading Fabbing in Russia and Ukraine

Design of the Week: Aerial Working Platform

This week’s selection is a rather detailed replica model of a scissor-lift work platform by Rob’s Model Workshop. The Workshop has produced a number of highly realistic models of working machines, but we liked this one due to its articulated nature. According to the website:    RMW is providing innovative and unique accessories for the… Continue reading Design of the Week: Aerial Working Platform

3D DC Rides Again

Last year Public Knowledge organized a small conference in Washington DC with the objective of providing real information to US legislators on the new topic of personal 3D printing. Now it appears they’re doing a repeat on April 24th. They say:    Come see the remarkable, disruptive technology of 3D printing in person. Chat with… Continue reading 3D DC Rides Again

3D Printed Goldeneye Remote Mine

We were contacted by Shane Blomberg who was excited to show us his project to create a Goldeneye Remote Mine replica prop from the 007 game from the 90’s.    The project originally manifested as an “Instructable”, but it required you to somehow find a now-prehistoric PC Commander Joystick base. Given that such things are… Continue reading 3D Printed Goldeneye Remote Mine

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Design of the Week: Sphere Autologlyph

This week’s selection is the utterly fascinating “Sphere Autoglyph” by master mathematical modeler Henry Segerman. Segerman has used his extensive mathematical background to generate a vast collection of fantastic generated artwork; his Shapeways shop contains 94 items as of this writing, and all of them are Design of the Week-worthy.    At first glance the… Continue reading Design of the Week: Sphere Autologlyph

A 3D Printing Dreambox

Every school and office should have a Dreambox. It’s literally a 3D printing service in a box. A box that looks suspiciously like a vending machine.    The machine works much like a 3D print service: you upload a 3D model from your computer or insert a USB stick into the Dreambox, which then sets… Continue reading A 3D Printing Dreambox

Design of the Week: Strain My Tea

This week’s selection is “Strain My Tea” by Shapeways creator sbf54. This item is both attractive, functional and practical, making it an excellent choice.    Using the teacup is straightforward: pull your teabag into the upper chamber to strain it out and then enjoy your hot beverage.    Strain My Tea is available on Shapeways… Continue reading Design of the Week: Strain My Tea

It’s Time To Register for Inside 3D Printing

If you’ve been looking to attend a 3D printing conference, look no further than the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, taking place in New York City from April 22-23 at the Javits Convention Center.    We’re totally impressed with the extensive list of speakers for this event, which includes such 3D printing notables as: … Continue reading It’s Time To Register for Inside 3D Printing

Design of the Week: Coffee Filigree

This week’s selection is the Coffee Filigree by Brian Drescher of The Netherlands. Drescher says:    Another variation of the coffee cup design…organic filigree. An example of common objects transformed into art via 3D printing. Click the blue animation button to see it from all angles. Available also as a full-scale (10cm) table-top object.  … Continue reading Design of the Week: Coffee Filigree

PBS On 3D Printing

PBS has produced a brief seven minute video providing an overview of 3D printing, including interviews with Solidoodle, Shapeways and Wired.    They cover the possibilities of the technology, whether for good or evil and generally get you wound up about the future. Exciting!    Via YouTube

Wirelessly Tag Your 3D Prints

Shapeways announced a very cool feature offered by their 3D print service: NFC tagging. If you haven’t heard of it, NFC stands for “Near Field Communication“, a short-range wireless technology.   NFC is used in key fobs or other security devices. It simply receives a signal and responds with its own unique digital number. With… Continue reading Wirelessly Tag Your 3D Prints

Design of the Week: Spiralis

This week’s selection is Spiralis by Shapeways designer Emm@nuel. There are actually two variations of Spiralis in the Shapeways catalog, the Spiralis+0,025-7cm and the Spiralis+0,025, which appear to differ only in size.    Designer Emm@nuel describes Spiralis as:    Mathematical oddity composed with 20 triskelions (triskelion, triskele) and 12 spirals.   Definitely!   You can… Continue reading Design of the Week: Spiralis

Nokia’s 3D Printing Adventure

Nokia has long used 3D printing internally to design cases and shapes for their handsets, but now they’re permitting customers to do the same.    Nokia has released the 3D model files required for designing your very own back cover for their new Lumina 820 handset. The model includes the structures required to match the… Continue reading Nokia’s 3D Printing Adventure

makexyz Makes Your Stuff

You’re interested in 3D printing, but don’t have a 3D printer. You also don’t want to pay a high price to a 3D print service to obtain a print of your own 3D design. What do you do?    One option, aside from finding a buddy with a 3D printer, is to use the makexyz… Continue reading makexyz Makes Your Stuff

Fabbaloo Makes The List

We were quite surprised today to discover that Machine Design has named our blog as one of their editor’s picks for the “best 3D printing web sites”.    Also named were Shapeways, Solidoodle, Fab@Home, Thingiverse, PrintIn3D (3D Systems’ site) and RepRap, all excellent sites providing different angles on 3D printing. Our thanks go to the… Continue reading Fabbaloo Makes The List

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3DEA’s Garden of 3D Printing

Located in Midtown Manhattan is (or was if they’ve closed it by now) the 3DEA exhibition. It’s a temporary showing of 3D printing technology for the public sponsored by several industry notables. The purpose, as far as we can tell, is to educate the public on the technology by demonstrating equipment and displaying fantastic 3D… Continue reading 3DEA’s Garden of 3D Printing

A Year in Review: Top Ten Stories in 3D Printing

2012 has been an exciting year in the 3D printing world and we’re excited to share with you the top ten stories.    Staples launching “Staples Easy 3D” in 2013 In partnership with Mcor Technologies, Staples will be offering a new service to their customers enabling them to upload their designs and pick up their… Continue reading A Year in Review: Top Ten Stories in 3D Printing

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Co.Design Names 3D Printing a Trend

Design blog Co.Design (part of Fast Company) listed Frog Design’s view of the “20 Tech Trends That Will Define 2013”. Such lists are always interesting to examine, as they usually confirm suspicions and indications observed throughout the year.  But what did Frog believe were the trends?    There are too many to mention, but some… Continue reading Co.Design Names 3D Printing a Trend

Virtual Jewelry Becomes Real Jewelry

You might not be aware of it, but there’s a pretty competitive fashion industry within the still-kicking virtual world of Second Life. For years fashion designers have created pretty amazing virtual clothing, jewelry and other artifacts, some not possible in real life. Such items have been sold to Second Life avatars for many years. But… Continue reading Virtual Jewelry Becomes Real Jewelry

Design of the Week: Key Waffle

This week’s selection is a tremendously functional design with an unusual name. The Key Waffle, designed by artist Tim Potter, attempts to simplify the use of keyless mobile devices.    You’ve probably heard someone say, “I need REAL keys to type on my mobile!”, when they discount full-screen phone options. This item is designed for… Continue reading Design of the Week: Key Waffle

Mixee Me Launches

There’s always room for another design-it-yourself service and today is the launch of Mixee Me, a service specializing in personal design of figurines.    The concept is straightforward: you aren’t able to design in 3D yourself, so you’d go to Mixee Me and use their incredibly easy web interface to design a personalized figurine. Your… Continue reading Mixee Me Launches

Sandy Impacts 3D Printing

Massive hurricane Sandy slammed into the east coast of the USA this week and caused a tremendous amount of damage, but how did 3D printing fare during the event?    Aside from the numerous individual “we can’t make it to work” scenarios, there has been only limited affects. We’ve seen no announcements from 3D Systems, whose… Continue reading Sandy Impacts 3D Printing

3D Printing Event Next Week

Don’t forget to attend the 3D Printing Event in Eindhoven, Netherlands next week if you happen to be nearby. The event now includes over 30 speakers, including representatives from a wide variety of 3D print-related companies, including: Ultimaker, GrabCAD, Shapeways, Makielab, Protospace, DUS Architects, University Medical Center Utrecht, Loughborough Design School, Stone Spray, Faberdashery and… Continue reading 3D Printing Event Next Week

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Design of the Week: Mobius Sake Cup

This week’s selected design is Ovidiu Opresco’s Mobius Sake Cup.    How simple is a Sake cup? What could transform such a straightforward object into the unusual?    Ovidiu Opresco’s idea was to blend the concept of a an endless Mobius strip with the cup to create a very unusual piece. The cup is functional… Continue reading Design of the Week: Mobius Sake Cup

More 3D Printed Shoes

There’s more cool stuff from the folks at Continuum Fashion, who have previously produced a 3D printed Bikini. They’ve now released the “strvct” 3D printed shoes, a mesh-like design printed in nylon. Don’t worry, they are indeed wearable as they include a “patent leather inner sole, and coated with a synthetic rubber on the bottom… Continue reading More 3D Printed Shoes

3D Printing Price Check

You’ve got a terrific model you want printed at high resolution in a great material. What do you do? You spend some of your valuable time checking out the prices at each of the 3D print services by tediously entering the specifications of your model into their price calculators.    Or, you use 3D printing… Continue reading 3D Printing Price Check

One More Designer: Dizingof

After publishing Chris Waldo’s terrific “Showcase of Influential 3D Print Artists” the other week, we received a suggestion of another artist who might have been missed: Dizingof. Under his real name, Tel Aviv-based Asher Nahmias, specializes in mathematically-generated 3D models, or “math art”.    Dizingof’s creations are typically complex, flowing and invariably beautiful. Browsing through… Continue reading One More Designer: Dizingof

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A Showcase of Influential 3D Print Artists

Editor’s note: This guest post comes from 3D printing aficionado Chris Waldo, who has compiled a very impressive list of some very impressive folks pushing the envelope on 3D printing every week.    [Update: All images below are thumbnails; please click on them to see larger views]   Throughout all emerging markets & technologies, there… Continue reading A Showcase of Influential 3D Print Artists

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3D Worms Infect The Net!

Do you use AutoCAD? If so you might be a victim of one of the most unusual cases of 3D theft we’ve seen yet.    It seems that certain AutoCAD templates have been infected with malware that does something blatantly nefarious: it sends your AutoCAD drawings to email addresses in China! What a highly efficient… Continue reading 3D Worms Infect The Net!

The 3DPrintShow In London

In London this October is the 3DPrintShow, three days of exhibitions and shows all about 3D printing.    Taking place from October 19th through the 21st, this event includes exhibits from all the major 3D print vendors and services, including MakerBot, 3D Systems, EOS, Objet, Shapeways, i.Materialise, Tinkercad, Anarkik3D, Uformia and many others. They’ll be… Continue reading The 3DPrintShow In London

Entrepreneuring With A MakerBot

There’s a terrific story on Solidsmack of how an entrepreneur turned a MakerBot personal 3D printer into a viable business.    The folks at I Heart Engineering wondered whether they could treat a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic as a kind of miniature factory for a startup business. They designed a specific adaptor for hooking Microsoft Kinect sensors… Continue reading Entrepreneuring With A MakerBot

3D Printed Voodoo

As the popularity of 3D printing increases, so does its attraction to designers of incredible things. One designer we’ve noticed is Rob Elford, whose Shapeways shop, Hoodoo Botanical, exemplifies how designers are working in the space. He’s been working on developing fashion accessories 3D printed in full color sandstone.    Successful designers tend to focus… Continue reading 3D Printed Voodoo

Want Your Shapeshot?

Strolling around Rapid 2012 we encountered an unusual service named ShapeShot. What do they do? Well, they shoot your shape.    ShapeShot is a project from Baltimore-based Direct Dimensions, a consultancy that specializes in 3D scanning projects. That’s what ShapeShot does: it scans your face and places it into an online repository. They feel it’s… Continue reading Want Your Shapeshot?

Vortex Salt and Pepper

There are tons of 3D designs available from a variety of sources these days. Some are very simplistic utility objects, like clamps or basic shapes, while others offer incredibly complexity, perhaps even designed through mathematical algorithms. But every once in a while a truly unique design appears that is not only beautiful, ingenious and functional,… Continue reading Vortex Salt and Pepper

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3D Infographics

Admit it, you’re in love with those beautiful infographics we so often see in newspapers, magazines and online. They convey an idea, concept or statistic in a visual way that is frequently easier to understand that plowing through text. It’s lazy, but oh, so true.    Now a Shapeways designer has produced a kind of… Continue reading 3D Infographics

Sculpteo Alumides!

3D print service Sculpteo announced the availability of a new 3D print material: Alumide. What is Alumide? It’s a mix of polyamide and aluminum powder yielding 3D prints that are stronger than just plastic but weaker than metal. Like plastic and some metals, it can actually bend slightly, making it useful for objects undergoing minor… Continue reading Sculpteo Alumides!