3D Printer Interactive Buying Guide

Which 3D printer should you buy? With so many choices it can be very confusing, particularly for those new to 3D printing. This buying guide will narrow your selection by asking you a series of short questions. 

How to use the guide: Simply click on the most appropriate answer to the lifestyle questions and the list below will automatically filter down to include the most appropriate machines for you to consider. 

Caution: Today's 3D printers are not magic; they cannot do everything. If you select too many constraints you'll find no machine meets your criteria.

Manufacturers: If you'd like to add or update a device to our list, please give us a shout

TO USE: Click on the buttons below to describe your 3D printing situation (Blue means selected). Then scroll further to see a  customized selection of desktop 3D printers to meet your needs.

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