Paper-based 3D printing breathes new life and customers into an established Italian reprographics firm

Discover how a traditional reprographics firm evolves and expands thanks to paper-based 3D printing. Digicopy, an Italian reprographics and binding firm, needed to offer new products and services to expand their customer base and business and become a market leader. They became an Mcor Certified Reseller and use professional, True, full-color, low-cost, eco-friendly paper-based 3D printers to offer in-store 3D printing services.

In this case study, you’ll discover how:

  • Students, designers and stylists, including famous fashion firms, appreciate Mcor’s cutting-edge 3D printing technology. 
  • Safe and eco-friendly process enables Mcor printers to be run by customers and Digicopy employees right in the store. 
  • Digicopy has expanded to four locations. 


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