Fabbaloo is viewed by thousands of readers every month and is one of the very few daily high-volume blogs dedicated entirely to the 3D printing and personal manufacturing space. Readers represent a broad spectrum of relevant interests, including design firms, architects, service providers and hobbyists. Over 40,000 monthly visitors from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands and 180 other countries generate over 60,000+ page views per month and growing strongly.

Lead Generation and Contests

Price: $5 - $50 per lead. Customized pricing based on lead.

We can obtain qualified leads for your businesses and increase your revenue through lead generation campaigns.

We can also develop contests to help you meet your specific business objectives. Some businesses objectives include: new fans on Facebook, create brand loyalty, brand awareness and collection of customer information.


Cost for businesses to collect a high quality lead

36% of businesses participating in the benchmarking report said it cost them less than $20 to
obtain a qualified lead. 16% said it costs them $21-$50. 7% said $51-$75.

(Source: 2012 MarketingSherpa Lead Generation Marketing Report)

Collection of Customer Information

For contests and lead generation the incentive or giveaway should be relevant and of interest to our audience. By using a giveaway that is aligned with the interests o your target market, we can potentially capture a wider audience.

Fabbaloo has an excellent reach to other media – Facebook advertising, Google+, blog, newsletters, email campaigns, LinkedIn and Twitter - to bring the audience to our page. Once they are there, we can capture all applicable information needed to capture the lead and turn them into a potential customer for your business.

Depending on the needs of your business, not only can we capture basic information such as name, email and business address but we can also find out things about our audience such as; age, gender, likes, dislikes, and location. Gaining insight on their audience may be an important priority.

The lead form content would be confirmed and approved by your business. Including a coupon or promo code is a good way to track leads originating from Fabbaloo. It may also encourage the audience to go to your website to check out your products or services. Lead generation and contests can have other business benefits:

The creation of more fans on FaceBook

The average contest leads to a 30 percent growth of fans. While the number of fans does not convert directly to more sales, it does give a larger audience and total reach for your businesses messages; meaning there are more people to pitch your products and services to.


Brand Loyalty

A strategic contest will not only open the door to new leads, but convert current leads to sales. It can prompt current customers to discuss their experience with your business, remind them to take another look at your website, or encourage them to go ahead and make that purchase they have been thinking about.
Brand Awareness.

Contests can create viral buzz about a brand. Once considered a “gorilla marketing” practice, now contests are just commonplace for businesses hoping to expand their reach. The more excited our audience is about the contest, the more viral buzz.

Some Rules of Thumb to follow

Keep the contest dates around two to four weeks. Contests that last longer than that tend to
grow stale, and lose their “freshness".

If posting a contest on Facebook, you can be assured that Fabbaloo follows Facebook's promo and giveaway guidelines.

If participating in a contest, follow-up is key to converting leads after the contest is over. Reminding customers that even though the contest is over, your products and services are still available. If a follow-up phone call is possible, it will increase your take rate. Encourage them to keep checking back for future contests and promotions.

Product Placement or Embedded Marketing

Price: Sold in batches of 10,000 page views at USD$250 each, matched to your campaign's duration.

Allow your business name or image of your product stand-out within our posts that are viewed in a number of different ways - Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, Blog Posts, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Linked to the participating business website of choice.

This form of Advertising may potentially be the most powerful in terms of views for your business.

Product placement's effectiveness is based on its subtle influence in a story. Fabbaloo will manage this effectively. We will measure the success through Google Analytics metrics, Social Media, audience feedback and new revenue generated for your business.

Online Advertising

Sponsor Squares: 300 x 250 medium CPM ad units on the side of each page. Sold in batches of 10,000 pageviews at USD$150.00 each, matched to your campaign's duration.

Lead Square: 336 x 280 large CPM ad unit placed at the top of our main page. Sold in batches of 10,000 pageviews at USD$200 each, matched to your campaign's duration.

If you would like to request advertising space, please fill out our enquiry form


3D Printing Resources - Recommendations

Price: Sold in batches of 10,000 page views at USD$250 each, matched to your campaign's duration.

We have a page dedicated to recommending 3D Printing related products and services such as 3D Printers, 3D Print Services, 3D Print Material and Accessories, 3D Print related books and Commercial 3D Modeling Software. The recommended product and services will be linked to your website page of choice.

We are developing a "solutions builder" to help a reader through a logical branch of questions that points to the recommended product or service.

News Tips

If you would like to send us a Press Releases and news tips, feel free to send them to info@Fabbaloo.com