Design of the Week: Voronoi Yoda

This week’s selection goes to 3D artist Dzingof, whose 3D Voronoi Yoda caught our eye.    It’s a Yoda, definitely, but with a twist: it’s

Thingiverse Breaks Out In Apps!

It started as a simple free repository for patterns for personal making and then exploded into an overwhelming cacophony of 3D models. Thingiverse provides free


Thingiverse may be the world’s largest free and open 3D printing community. MakerBot Thingiverse has, much like the desktop 3D printing industry, undergone several iterations and changes. Much like the 3D printing industry, there has been a shift from a focus on home users and hobbyists 3D printing toys and games to educators, designers printing art, and manufacturers printing tools, jigs, parts and accessories. It has changed from experimental usage to become an educational tool on one hand and a tool for rapid prototyping for commercial customers on the other.

Thingiverse Education has become the go to destination for educators as a resource to prepare the next generation of students for the workplace of tomorrow. They come to the community to gain access to the resources they need to successfully bring 3D printing into their classroom. This includes hundreds of 3D printing lesson plans and a thriving group of thousands of STEM educators around the world.

The Thingiverse community has uploaded over 3 million 3D models, and it continues to grow every day with notable things including the famous 3D Benchy, the cute mini octopus, the filament clip and the baby groot.

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